«Аvdet» Calls on Protest Action Against a Ground Arbitrariness in Crimea

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«Аvdet» Calls on Protest Action Against a Ground Arbitrariness in Crimea

Ukraine for the people — here one more myth for voters before country presidential elections. Why a myth? Yes because the mighty of this world only also looks, as though still to plunder the simple people. The vivid example to that is a head of Dobrovsky village council of the Simferopol area AR Crimea Gennady Kaluzhin.

So, on the eve of New year, on December, 30th, at meeting in the Recreation centre he has declared that anybody from the requiring will not receive the land lot for apartment house building, yet will not pay 5000 grivnas of the «voluntary» instalment.
Before to do such loud statements Gennady Andreevich, probably, has forgotten or has not found time to glance in the Basic law which the Constitution of Ukraine where it is in black and white written is called: each citizen has the right to reception of one land lot free of charge.
Or for such princelings, how G.Kaluzhin, the Constitution no more, than an empty piece of paper, instead of the Law? Or they think that can trample with impunity on the Right how they would like, counting on what their high patrons in Kiev, will cover them?
No! No! And once again is not present!
To deliver to the place of gone too far bureaucrats and to stop an arbitrariness in ground sphere, we, social movement of «Avdet» urge citizens to participate in protest action which will take place on January, 11th at 8.00 in Simferopol before Supreme Rada ARC building.

The Press-service of ODES of «Avdet»


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