«Аvdet» » Has Driven» Into the Prime Minister

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«Аvdet» » Has Driven» Into the Prime Minister

Dzharty is not responsible for "bazaar"

On July, 12th on a main square of Simferopol, participants of ground glades of the protest, more than five years the achieving earths under habitation building, have begun mass termless protest action against a ground arbitrariness in Crimea.

The given action is called by that the chairman of the council of ministers of Crimea Vasily Dzharty, in March of this year promising to solve an agrarian question, till now has not fulfilled the promise. Moreover, recently in one of the interviews of Dzharty has declared that «… The Crimean Tatars — citizens of Ukraine and the state should not conduct in relation to them any special policy». In the light of such statements of the first person of an autonomy, repatriates, understanding, what is it a unique way to force officials to solve an agrarian question, have been compelled to begin again mass protest actions.

Participants of the action consider no more than attempt to tighten creation of the ground commissions of different level the question decision. «Last year in Crimea the State ground commission worked. All glades of the protest were checked, all coordination are spent,by Sovmin of Crimea had been prepared the project of transfer of the earths under needs of repatriates. This project has been passed in Ministry of Ukraine where it is now. What for to create the next commissions and inspections? Already there are all necessary documents, it is necessary to solve a question simply!» — demonstrators declare.

Let’s remind that in Kiev the Crimean Tatars spend the fourth week Presidential Administration picketing. The picket purposes — to draw attention of the President to an agrarian question and to put its decision under the presidential control.

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