«Avdet» Declared the Ultimatum to Timoshenko

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«Avdet» Declared the Ultimatum to Timoshenko

Organisation «Аvdet» achieving problem resolution of investment of the Crimean Tatars by the earth for individual housing construction, has addressed to the candidate for presidents of Ukraine, to the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko with the circulation which text press-service Milli Firka has.

«Аvdet», as it is known, in a current of 100 days, from May till August of last year, picketed the Cabinet council with a request to Timoshenko’s government to solve a ground problem in Crimea. Alas, despite numerous promises of high-ranking officials, picketers have left Kiev with what, short of punches and the bruises received by them from swells, attacked their improvised camp at a government front stairs.

In circulation, addressed personally to Yulia Timoshenko, in particular, it is told:

«Mass returning subjected to brutal deportation of the Crimean Tatar people on the historical Native land 20 years ago has begun. From the very first days, instead of promoting justice restoration, Stalin people, sitting in official armchairs, began to obstruct returning of the Crimean Tatars to Crimea.

Refusing to our people allocation of 6-10 hundred parts of the earth, depriving of our old men and children of the shelter, the corrupted officers sold in the meantime the Crimean earths to the right and on the left. For streamlining and the permission of agrarian questions in Autonomous republic Crimea, your order for № 1395-r from 05.11.2008, had been created the State Ground Commission under the chairmanship of the minister of preservation of the environment of Ukraine by Filipchuk of this commission with departure on places has conducted visually-opisnuju inventory of the land lots empty and used directly by a total area of 1672,77 hectares which are in constant use of government enterprises, establishments and the organisations subordinated to the various ministries and departments of Ukraine.

In August, 2009 the Ground Commission has granted you on the assertion the project of the decision on transfer of the departmental earths empty and used for the designated purpose long time for balance of the local boards, for the purpose the subsequent transfer of these earths to requiring citizens for building of individual housing accommodation. It is the project has been adjusted at all levels — local governments by land users and finishing Ministerial council AR Crimea.

Since the middle of July, 2009, ranking officers of the Cabinet council repeatedly from your name certified participants of the action that their question is already decided, and that the project will be signed by you, Julia Vladimirovna.

Dear Julia Vladimirovna!

On the threshold of the second round delay of the ground documentation on your table painfully beats on simple citizens. Hundred thousand of Crimeans hope to see your concrete actions. And that they will see, their choice in the second round of presidential elections of Ukraine will depend.

Prior to the beginning of the second round you have a fine possibility to confirm the democratic item not only words, but also business. 20000 families are more than 100.000 Crimeans who can become the most proof your adherents if will see that you really solve human problems — and the earth as you know, is a problem № 1 in Crimea ».

As three representatives of the organisation have told in press-service «Аvdet» left to Kiev and have surrendered the document in secretary of Ministry of Ukraine.

According to the press-service if and this time, before repeated voting on February, 7th, will not follow concrete actions in the permission of an agrarian question of the Crimean Tatars, the organisation intends to reinstate Cabinet council picketing from next week.



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