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«Hotel California» in Ukrainian

Mossad bosses in Ukraine already as at home

In the end of February in Ukraine Dirar Abu-Sisi, the technical director of power station of Gaza, has disappeared, informs Internet edition NEWSru.co.il. Abu-Sisi has arrived to the country in the end of January, 2011. According to mass-media he informed earlier that the Ukrainian authorities have taken out the passport, but the document have returned shortly after disappearance. The director of power station was gone on the night of February, 19th from a train following from Kharkov to Kiev.

The citizen of Ukraine Veronica Abu-Sisi, the spouse gone, has accused the Israeli investigation Mossad of participation in abduction of the husband. She said also that her husband consists in public service and isn’t connected in any way with the terrorist organizations. By words spouses, her husband isn’t among rich businessmen, and hardly could draw attention of criminals.

Train conductors at first have informed that two unknown persons have withdrawn Abu-Sisi, having shown documents of employees of special services. However then conductors have refused to give evidences and have declared that in a train there was nothing extraordinary, and no abductions existing.

It is necessary to notice that known Richard Silverstayn wrote in the beginning of March that has received from the Israeli source acknowledgement of hearings on participation of special services of Israel to abduction of Abu-Sisi. Silverstayn asserted that Mossad has stolen the director of power station and has transported to Israel where holds him in custody.

The Israeli newspaper Ediot Ahronot has informed on March, 6th on this incident. Veronica Abu-Sisi has told to the newspaper that they with the husband and six children prepared to leave Gaza once and for all, having got over to Ukraine.

On February, 25th the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Palestinian autonomy has directed the official reference to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine concerning disappearance of 42-year-old Dirara Musy Abu-Sisi.

In this reference it was specified that Abu-Sisi was born in 1969 in Jordan, is the diplomaed electrical engineer (in 1994 Zbrudzhi has graduated from the university), besides has a scientific degree of the Kiev state university (has proved the dissertation in 1999).

In communiques of the Ministry of Internal Affairs didn’t mention membership of Dirara Abu-Sisi in Movement of Islamic resistance(HAMAS) or other terrorist organization. However, as a rule, after June of 2007 year on responsible posts in Gaza supporters of HAMAS work.

Source: http://korrespondent.net


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