«The World Which We Don’t Notice…»

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«The World Which We Don’t Notice…»

On September, 14th in libraries of Gasprinsky photo-exhibition of the poet, the writer and pictorialist Valery Basyrov «the World which we don’t notice has opened…». Photoworks bewitch in at one time simplicity which we don’t notice, and during too time such deep thoughts as the world round us is fine and isn’t learned by us.

It is pleasant to think that such works, we can observe now without special work. It will not be necessary to search for them on the Internet on various photosites. Now each of us can present to himself minutes of fine unknown us before the world.

Also we hope to many subsequent, interesting and informative actions are grateful to public organization «Milli Firka» in person of Vasvi Abduraimov. Thanking their financial support in technical registration in library henceforth can be hold various exhibitions as known artists and students of various HIGH SCHOOLS.

The administration expresses huge gratitude, for the contribution to development as esthetic kind and functional direction of library. To today, the library had no possibility to move similar exhibitions.

On September, 24th to the Crimean Republican library of Gasprinsky 20 years are executed, and on September, 29th all libraries of Ukraine will celebrate the professional holiday. The public organization «Milli Firka» has congratulated staff of library of Gasprinsky on their professional holiday and as a gift has paid a cost of transportation for a trip of all collective to Gezlev (Evpatoria).

On behalf of each employee of library the gratitude of public organization «Milli Firka» which the first have congratulated all our collective is expressed. Sincerely we hope for the further cooperation.

Press service Milli Firka


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