Crimea Was Visited by the Tatar Delegation from Romania – They Want to Lodge on Peninsula Too

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Crimea Was Visited by the Tatar Delegation from Romania – They Want to Lodge on Peninsula Too

Nearby to Konstantsy there live 25 thousand Crimean Tatars as much as Turk

Crimea was visited by delegation of the Crimean Tatars living in Romania. Today in this country in district Constance is approximately 25 thousand Crimean Tatars and as much Turks that makes about 6,5 % of the population of region.

About thirty visitors from Romania have placed in the Crimean Tatar families in a city Old Crimea. The program included studying of language, history, culture, seminars for teachers of the Crimean Tatar language at the Romanian schools, excursion.

«We are very grateful to organizers for possibility to visit in the homeland. We have taken out a lot of new and useful of our employment, us have supplied with methodical grants with which it will be easier to us to teach Crimean Tatar in Romania, — has told to the newspaper« Peninsula »the head of group, the teacher of Turkish language from Konstantsy Firdes Dzheljal. — Last twenty years at the Romanian schools as a native language our children studied the Turkish. Preferring Turkish, we thought that we have neither textbooks, nor a literary language, as a result we strongly were late with native Crimean Tatar».

«From 1990 year on various educational programs we happen often in Turkey. Many Tatars in Romania prefer Turkish resorts. From Konstantsy to Istanbul by bus of 10 hours’ journey also it is possible to keep within all hundred dollars. And to Crimea is much more expensive. Look at our children — to them to speak in Turkish, than in a native language» easier, — she has added.

«But I see, as here speak Russian more. One of these days I have specially gone on iftar in the Uzbek dzhami to listen to the Tatar speech. Local women have gathered, I have stayed among them half an hour-hours, but in this time anybody and hasn’t started talking on Crimean Tatar…».

«In Romania we know about Crimea a little. Really to love the native land, it is necessary to know it… If we begin a thicket to come to Crimea, day when our children necessarily here will return will come. I was in Turkey for many times, and here I am for the first time, but I feel that there I am the foreigner, and here — I am at home. I ask our children:« do you want to go hoje? ». And they answer me:« for two days, to see parents, and then back to Crimea! », — has concluded the head of group.

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