Milli Firka: The Result of «a Cooperation» of Medzhlis With Kiev – Threat of a Total Disappearance of the Crimean Tatars

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Milli Firka: The Result of «a Cooperation» of Medzhlis With Kiev – Threat of a Total Disappearance of the Crimean Tatars

Chairman of Kenesh (Council) of party Milli Firka Vasvi Abduraimov operatively also has rigidly reacted to the sharpest criticism which has sounded from Mustafa Dzhemileva at last session of Kurultaj. A site of Milli Firka informs.

In conversation with journalists Abduraimov underlined that relations with a management of Medzhlis have become aggravated after Position about elections of delegates of Kurultaj which, in his opinion, deprives of legitimacy existing V Kurultaj was accepted.

«The system of multistage elections for today we consider as the archaism, disturbing to promotion in bodies of national self-management of the present patriots of the people. And nowadays collected V Kurultaj — not a legitimate institution as in its formation has taken part third of nation, it is a data of election committee Milli Medzhlis», — Vasvi Abduraimov has declared.

Acceptance during the World congress of the Crimean Tatars of the Declaration which «actually crosses out the Declaration on the national sovereignty» became one more factor influencing the relations with leaders from Schmidt street.

«In that case, what mutual relations can be with Kurultaj and Medzhlis? The perverted personnel selection closed, and, as a matter of fact, the corruption scheme of passage of the financial streams intended for the decision of a Crimean Tatar problem. How is it possible to agree with it?! We have many strong reasons to be in opposition to a management of present Medzhlis», — the oppositionist was indignant.

In Milli Firka consider that the main difference of their organisation from Mrdzlis is that the national party considers the present policy of the authorities of Ukraine such that destroys the Crimean Tatar people.

«If not to resist to this policy will pass very few time, and a Crimean tatar question will not be simple to exist in Ukraine as the subject of this point in question can not become. And thus, there is the most active cooperation of a management of Medzhlis with the authorities of Ukraine», — Abduraimov has complained.

Ideologists of Milli Firka are convinced that for the decision of problems of Ukraine state system change in advantage federation, strengthenings of powers of regions is necessary.

As to the problem decision of Crimean Tatar statehood between a position of Medzhlis and Milli Firka is not present distinctions since both those and others assume restoration of the state status of the Crimean Tatar people within the limits of an autonomy as high-grade national-territorial unit of Ukraine.

For today the status, there is no Crimean Tatars autonomy, but there is Kurultaj and Medzhlis. From the point of view of Milli Firka, Kurultaj should become «national parliament» which deputies should be selected on the basis of a direct suffrage. And means for elections, according to Vasvi Abduraimov, it is possible to put and in the state budget, «if to work well in this direction».

According to the oppositionist if the nation cannot find resources for formation of national parliament about what statehood and the state status of language there can be a speech?

«Nothing happens without investments. As the national parliament concerns exclusively of the Crimean tatar people the people should find means for formation of the given institute. Otherwise, always there will be a group of people who will generate« the Closed joint-stock company »with the beautiful name.

«In what, actually, also has turned present Medzhlis», — Abduraimov considers.

News agency «New Region — Crimea»


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