People\’s Front was supported by compatriots in Uzbekistan

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People\’s Front was supported by compatriots in Uzbekistan

Crimean Tatar Diaspora in Uzbekistan supported the creation of the Crimean Tatar People’s Front (CTPF).


Crimean Tatar People's Front (CTPF)It is said in letter of representatives of Crimean Tatar communities from seven Uzbek cities of Tashkent region — Tashkent, Chyrchyk, Yangiyul, Almalik, Gulistan, Angren and Bekabad, in which Crimean Tatars live now having no any opportunity to return to Crimea.


The letter of Crimean Tatar’s social activists from Uzbekistan addresses to President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovitch; a copy to Executive Committee of CTPF was sent.


We give a text of letter.

to President of Ukraine
Viktor Fedorovitch Yanukovich

Crimean Tatar  People’s  Front




The Crimean Tatar’s Cultural Center «Arzu» of Tashkent region, the initiative group of Crimean Tatars from cities Bekabad, Almalik, Angren, Yangiyul, Tashkent, Gulistan, Chyrchyk, daily keeping up with news of Crimea in Internet, perceived with big faith and hope the information on signing of the Memorandum on creation of movement Crimean Tatar’s Popular Front in Crimea. The Crimean Tatar’s  People’s  Front was proclaimed by veterans and activists of the Crimean Tatar Movement, deputy of Supreme Soviet of Crimea, head of Council of Representatives of the Crimean Tatar people attached to President to Ukraine Lentun Romanovich Bezaziyev, chairman of Milli Firka Vasvi Abduraimov, chairman of charitable foundation «Vatandash — Compatriot» Rustem Khalilov, president of international non-governmental organization Fondation on researches and support of indigenous peoples of Crimea Nadir Bekirov.


We hope that a fair, honest movement in Crimea was created — Crimean Tatar  People’s  Front — which will be headed by honest, respectable people.


We support the movement Crimean Tatar  People’s  Front, which will assert Crimean Tatar peoples’ rights restoration.


If person restored rights, has own Motherland, necessary conditions for life on Motherland, he will think about spirituality and culture. The spirituality — is inner, intellectual, stable and emotional life of nation, which was formed for ages and roots connect with historical experience and socio-cultural development.


The rising generation is to know a history of forbears, own culture, customs, language, national ceremonies, music and dancing. They are to know own heroes, writers, musicians and scientists. The people lived more 20 years on Motherland, is to think not about means of subsistence, but about development of cultural values, education of talented and harmoniously intellectual generation.


We express support and ask President of Ukraine V.F.Yanukovich to support movement Crimean Tatar  People’s Front.
Head of the Crimean Tatar

Cultural Center «Arzu»
Gerus I.V.

Crimean Tatar Diaspora in Uzbekistan supported the creation of the Crimean Tatar Popular Front (CTPF)

Milli Firka-Inform


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