Poor Peninsula With Poor Semidestiny …

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Poor Peninsula With Poor Semidestiny …

«I» continue a cycle of articles about new strategy of Crimea… Recently has jumped out on affairs in Crimea. «Sevastopol-Balaklava-Yalta-Alushta» was passed on a typical route and terribly was upset. Many years I communicate with business, political, scientific and journalistic elite of Crimea and in a unison from it I see, how fine and magic Crimea slowly, but steadily degrades.

From it layers slip decayed, but fine clothes in the past. It ceases to be the earth of romanticists and enamoured, a sacral point of an exit of the most powerful biopower streams, a place of a joint of the most powerful geopolitical tectonic plates and an international tavern.

Crimea more and more becomes a sad, dusty and boring province. It did not become «Island Crimea» in understanding, as a place of blossoming of bright original culture and the original device of a political and social hostel.

Crimea did not become a continent part — Ukrainian, and moreover European, that is living by messianic interests.

Crimea becomes peninsula where unpleasantly amazes semicomfort of boarding houses and dilapidated «health resorts»; where solving semipoliticians correct nothing, for years spoil a landscape the semicompleted complexes on semistollen earths.

I always loved Crimea to adoration. And the more so bitterly to look at it similar to the former fine, suntanned, seductive little girl, instantly grown old, slipped stage magnificent maturity, and at once become wrinkled, quarrelsome, slovenly old woman.

I search for any signs on improvement, growth, progress, but almost everywhere I see decline and despondency. Still five years ago fervent, clean and inexpensive small restaurants of Simeiz have turned to gloomy and sad snack bars.

And the main thing — everywhere fences, fences, fences… There are no already even city semibeaches in favourite Alupka, and there are any private territories on which, I am assured, there are any semipermissions of semicriminal local churches.

Poor peninsula with poor semidestiny!

Though the hope nevertheless is. Cultural-historical Crimea it is so immense and fertile that sooner or later something inevitably should grow from it grandiose and high-grade. Here just and when?

Dmitry Vidrin,

The philosopher, the political scientist, Kiev, specially for «I»



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