The Program of Milli Firka «the Crimean Tatars: XXI-st Century Strategy»

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The Program of Milli Firka «the Crimean Tatars: XXI-st Century Strategy»

The first decade of 21 centuries comes to an end. The Crimean Tatars by huge victims and extreme efforts have sustained a terrible call on the cruelty of last century. Being expelled with the Native land in 1944, having lost statehood, the Crimean Tatars have not surrendered, have stood, were not dissolved in storming streams of historical process. Moreover, in the conditions of global recutting of political borders have managed not to appear crushed under fragments of Soviet empire breaking up into parts.

The Crimean Tatars have returned to Crimea in hope to begin to live on again got Native land as the equal countries among the equal people and the world. Alas, the reality has appeared much more severer, than it was expected by many.

HAVE returned NOT ALL — more than hundred thousand Crimean Tatars still are in dispatch places. And those who are in Crimea, — are pushed out from year to year all more low and more low downwards on steps of a sociopolitical ladder.







The maximum mobilisation of all resources of the nation is necessary for prevention of national accident for the sake of the decision of the main fatal problem — constructions in Crimea de facto and de jure for STATEHOOD which under force will protect all and everyone.

What is the statehood and how to construct it?

Till now in Crimean Tatar community the point of view prevails that the state, the authorities and all are around simply obliged to create to the Crimean Tatars all conditions for revival, developments and prosperity as to radical people of peninsula illegally subjected to repression by a criminal totalitarian mode, including — to restore in Crimea the statehood lost by them. And many fondly believe that for this purpose essentially enough and firmly to formulate requirements, to commit them to paper in the form of the document and as it is possible to press more strongly on the power «from below», calling in allies the international institutes, the mighty of this world… And the problem, eventually, will dare by itself.

No, will not dare. It is time to cease to go woolgathering and amuse itself illusions about made and fair. In the modern world of a rigid competition the worthy place can occupy only the people, capable to defend, protect and realise the birth rights. To have the rights and to provide their realisation in practice — completely not same.

Only presence of high-grade statehood is a necessary and sufficient condition of preservation, development and future of any people. As shows the mankind experiment, no other self-organising of the nation of it can provide. Without statehood the people are doomed on slow, but a certain death.

Therefore, if the Crimean Tatar people wish to be saved as the original people on the earth, it cannot have other purpose, as construction of the statehood. Is not present and cannot be.

From here becomes clear what should be strategy and national idea of the XXI-st century the Crimean Tatar people — CONSTRUCTION of NATIONAL STATEHOOD In BORDERS of ETHNIC TERRITORY.

What is the statehood, which is necessary for constructing to have the future? The statehood is the system of the power allowing community through the representatives in the power independently to regulate and regulate a life in all its many-sided displays, by acceptance of those or other administrative decisions. In other words, reception in Crimea exclusively legal democratic way, through the elections, necessary and sufficient for the decision of national problems of imperious powers should become the purpose.

And, already today, at the maximum mobilisation of ethnic energy, resources and collective will, the Crimean Tatars, even at all imperfection of the existing legislation, can really apply (and to receive) to 20 % of the power in system of allcrimean statehood. Further from elections to elections increasing the reached share of the power on 5 %, by 2040 really to overcome 50 % a barrier. De facto it also will define presence in Crimea national statehood. At skilful, master’s management and the order imperious powers in interests of all population of peninsula, such statehood becomes attractive and desired not only for the Crimean Tatars, but also for other inhabitants of Crimea. At their solidarity and support such statehood can be constructed and in more deadlines.

The tool for realisation of this program is PEOPLE PARTY MILLI FIRKA which is developed across all Crimea and there where the Crimean Tatars today live.

How to reorganise Kurultaj?

Whether representative bodies of national self-management are necessary to the Crimean Tatars? — Yes, the are.

What? — In that kind and in that quality that are available today, people representative bodies have completely settled the possibilities. By and large, existing Kurultaj and the structures created by it — from Milli Medzhlis to regional and local — have regenerated in full contrast, becoming an additional barrier between the people and power system. Moreover, by the position accepted by Kurultaj according to which it is considered legitimate if in elections of its delegates takes part not less than one third of the Crimean Tatars having the right to vote that in itself already raises the big doubts in its imposing appearance, present, V Kurultaj is illegitimate even for the formal reasons. According to Reskomnats (the body which management is completely under control to leaders of Milli Medzhlis) for January, 1st, 2007 of voters — the Crimean Tatars only in Crimea (not in view of those who lives in other regions of Ukraine) was more than 193 thousand persons. According to Central Electoral Committee Kurultaj data in elections of delegates of present, V Kurultaj, 62 thousand voters have taken part. It is easy to count that this figure in any way does not hold out to a necessary third of 193 thousand. That is, on own jurisdiction of Kurultaj the present representative body is not that even to formal signs. Not to mention its essence and legitimacy from the point of view of the legislation of Ukraine. Today being out of legal system Kurultaj-Medzhlis has no neither the authorities, nor powers for the decision of essential problems of the people.

Therefore, the earlier fundamental reform of all system of bodies of national self-management will be spent, the earlier the crimean Tatar people will restore also respect for, and the capacity as the nations.

What should be in exchange?

People representative bodies only then will be effective, when they will be entered in existing system of the power and the future statehood. The elite on the general elections under the program of PEOPLE PARTY MILLI FIRKA deputies of councils of all levels should become representatives of the people — DEPUTIES OF KURULTAJ-: from village councils to the Supreme body of Crimea. The Meeting of the deputies of all levels selected thus should become the higher representative body of the Crimean Tatar people (Kurultaj). And such Meeting (Kurultaj) should be convoked not less often than an once in a year. Thus its sessions should be spent not indoors of Crimean Tatar theatre, and in a sessional hall of the Supreme body of Crimea — under the aegis of the elite there deputies.

The decisions accepted at such Meeting (Kurultaj) — NATIONAL PARLIAMENT — become the guide to action for the representatives of the people having powers of duly elected deputies (from the Village Soviet to SR АРC), and the deputies who have received the status of national parliament.

Thus necessity of additional legalisation of Kurultaja for a legal field for this or that quality disappears. As Meeting of deputies of all levels of such Kurultaj also it is de facto lawful on all norms of the existing right.

In this scheme:

— Meeting of deputies of local council — local Medzglis;

— Meeting of deputies of all levels in region — regional Medzhlis;

— Meeting of deputies of all levels of Crimea — National parliament-Kurultaj.

It is important to notice that all without an exception deputies of National parliament-kurultaj will be tested on a solvency before the people on each elections. Thereby necessary rotation of structure of Kurultaj and natural change of national elite that will exclude basically stagnation decomposing a society and stagnation in the higher representative body of the Crimean Tatar people — National parliament-kurultaj will be provided.

In the course of work it is necessary to search and find the consent and understanding in councils with deputies from other parties for the purpose of filling of present Autonomous republic Crimea by those rights and powers which in the future will provide prosperity of Crimea and all its citizens irrespective of their nationality.

How to resolve intracommunal disputes and conflicts?

Argue and swear in all societies and at all times. One of indicators of development of the people is ability to solve any problem questions taking into account interests of all parties involved in a conflict situation. In days of old in Crimea there was quite effective institute of national legal proceedings — Kadijat which decisions were obligatory for representatives of all estates and ranks.

Whether probably in present conditions to revive in this or that quality national institute of a public censure? Yes, probably. At least, for the permission of civil disputes of Kadijat it is possible to create on the basis of the Arbitration courts. The legislation of Ukraine allows to make today it. As a part of the Arbitration court — Kadijat should be: the lawyer, the head of the Sanhedrim and the head of a Muslim community (imam). In such courts it would be possible to resolve all disputes occurring in community and conflicts (without the reference in courts of law) operatively, without additional expenses, and the most important thing — according to traditional understanding of Good and Harm, Belief and national customs.

How to consolidate national business?

Any people cannot exist without the economic basis. In its creation the huge role is taken away to organizers and heads of this or that kind of economic activities, financiers, businessmen and businessmen.

How affairs in this plan at the Crimean Tatars today are? Alas, the general weakness and dependence of national business on external factors takes place. Why? The logic of development of this field of activity demands attraction in business of constantly missing financial resources. Therefore businessmen are compelled to address for the help in external financial institutions. As a rule, «cooperation» conditions are made in such a manner that that without noticing, many businessmen quickly get to a bondage from those who «helps», and with each «successful» transaction all further and further are alienated from the people. It, by the way, one of the checked up mechanisms of a separation from the people of its most active enterprising part.

How to return businessmen to participation in a national life? A way one, it is necessary to provide legal and political safety of their activity from external influences, stability and development of business and the most important thing, to create own sources and reserves of financing of economic activities.

Despite a distress of many Crimean Tatars, inside almost semimillion national community in Crimea it is concentrated not less than hundred millions the free «idle» dollars saved by tradition on «rainy day» practically in each family.

— National Bank, — it is possible not only to save all these resources collected in one national financial institution, but also to increase. Such Bank can be created on base of the already successfully working credit unions and what are necessary for creating in large centres of economic activity of the population all in the slightest degree. It is important to ensure functioning of National Bank on principles of work of Islamic financial institutions. And while in this thin specific sphere the law of jungle — «Everyone for itself» prevails — at the Crimean Tatars will not be neither a serious share in economy of Crimea, nor influential businessmen, — at least at level of those who takes today defining positions on peninsula.

The establishment of National Bank is first of all business of businessmen, in what it it is necessary to promote in every possible way.

Problem of People party Milli Firka, National parliament-kurultaj and Kadijat — maintenance of political, legal and other necessary protection of National Bank from encroachments from the outside and from within, in maintenance of the control and a transparency of its activity for the good of lifting and development of national economy and all who is actively included in it.

Than to occupy youth?

Often it is possible to hear complaints that the Crimean Tatar people irrevocably lose the young generation. It is said that the youth loses interest to a national life, culture and a native language more and more, preferring participation in more successful and «perspective» social projects. In these words there is a big share of true. After all the clear prospect and motivation of activity that till now nobody has shown to them is necessary to the young and has not explained.

Therefore many young men without a fair idea about the future, being exposed hidden, and at times and obvious discrimination to a national sign, refuse from national in hope to take a worthy place in a society according to the abilities, talent and energy (as a rule outside of Crimea). Others, having closed eyes, go down stream, living fast in bars, even running into all heavy, become a scum of society. It is a lot of and those who having been caught in a net preachers of ideologies alien to the people, become an account material for architects and builders next «light future mankind» type of World Halifat and this sort of myths and chimeras.

The program «the Crimean Tatars: XXI-st century Strategy» opens other way for youth.

Actively having joined in activity on realisation of the Program of building of national statehood in Crimea, the Crimean Tatar youth can and should take a worthy place in a life of the Crimean community.

By the time of construction of statehood those to whom today for 20-30 years, should be ready to incur all completeness of responsibility for destiny of Crimea and its future generations. That is for those who is born today and will be born even at movement to statehood.

The youth should receive necessary experience of political activity in the conditions of a rigid competition, thus being oneself — the Crimean Tatars.

For this reason the youth should aspire to receive a quality education, to conduct a healthy way of life, to go in for sports, establish a strong family, without forgetting about the main mission of the person — a continuation of the family.

The motivation is is it is necessary for revival of the nation and self-affirmation in the conditions of high-grade Crimean statehood which should be constructed.


The program «the Crimean Tatars: XXI-st century Strategy» is opened for all patriots and fair people irrespective of, in what structures and the organisations they stay today, and does not leave a choice for those who has got used to speculate on national problems and troubles. It opens clear prospect, shows a way of realisation of the Order of the Crimean Tatar people and the Declaration on the national sovereignty of the Crimean Tatar people — a construction way to Crimea to national statehood a legal way, own forces to quite foreseeable future.

Not concordant with this Program should or present to a society more effective alternative, or undersign for the inability/unwillingness to put and decide major problems of revival of a national life, to predict and resist to present calls.

For Program realisation «the Crimean Tatars: XXI-st century Strategy» at the first stage it is necessary:

— To finish building of People party Milli Firka with its legalisation as high-grade political party in a legal field of Ukraine;

— To provide the maximum activity of voters on elections in local authorities, to get their support and to protect results of their will;

— By results of elections to generate the capable deputy case on all vertical of the power from village councils to the Supreme body of Crimea;

— To call Meeting of deputies of local councils of all levels as the higher proxy representative body of the Crimean Tatar people.

The Crimean Tatars can be proud deservedly of that have stood, have returned home, have saved the language and the identity among giants of the East and the West. But it is necessary to remember and not to forget always that the people perish often from a lack of disinterested care of their future. And private affairs, as though they did not prosper today, fall into decay at loss of collective historical prospect.

The program «the Crimean Tatars: XXI-st century Strategy» opens such prospect to each of us.

Press-service Milli Firka

(It is accepted by delegates IV Conference of Milli Firka on May, 10th, 2010 in Simferopol)

P.S. You can send all remarks, offers and additions to the Program to the address: 95000, Simferopol, 3/5, Krylov Street, the central office Milli Firka

Tel. / a fax: (0652)-253415

Tel.: 8-098-2860259; 8-066 9800149


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