What cannot be bought even for «Groshi» (money)

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What cannot be bought even for «Groshi» (money)

4th April 2012, a topic on land trade on Crimean Tatar self-seizures on all-Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 in program «Groshi» was shown. Thus, the line of topic, which was built by authors, doesn’t leave doubts: Crimean Tatars «seize» land, mainly, for further re-sale.


But is it a truth in reality?

4th April 2012, a topic on land trade on Crimean Tatar self-seizures on all-Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 in program «Groshi» was shown

Partly — yes. There is a grain of truth in the topic of program «Groshi». But there is much more half truth and scraps of phrases were plucked-up from the context, which fully misrepresent a general sense of the real situation with the Crimean Tatar land problem.


Let’s analyze a program on basis of not only that information was given in topic but also that which did not enter in program on one or other reasons.


But in the beginning — strictly a program.



The black half of truth for Crimean Tatars


The most important factors, which necessary to note in work of authors of topic:


their absolute «sterility» in plan of studied problem: these journalists were not occupied with land problems of Crimean Tatars before the work over topic


full objectivity and unprejudgement in collection of information: for three days of stay in Crimea the authors of topic visited fields and cabinets of authority, communicated with people, officials, Mejlis and its opponents. All sides and opinions were heard — as Crimean Tatars as Russian-speaking population of Crimea.


genuine sincerity in attempt to realize a situation: the journalists were not ashamed to put «pointed» questions; they made more precise up to small-minded details a course of past events from veterans of National movement; didn’t stop before pedestrians in the rain, on the weak mud, on which editorial car could not go to temporary structures on protest’s fields — in order to communicate directly with people living there.


And it is impossible to accuse authors that they had to «trample down» a few hours of the turned out material in 7,5 minutes of topic — such are strict rules of popular telecasts.


What conclusion can be made, taking into account a sincerity and objectivity of the authors — and a general negative direction of topic towards Crimean Tatar land protest’s actions?


And a conclusion is simple: just like this a non-engaged and medium-statistical Ukrainian, doesn’t know a situation, sees the problem of self-seizures — Tatars seize land in order to trade.


And this — is the bitter truth for Crimean Tatars.


Bitter — because it doesn’t correspond to the facts with regard to the most part of families, who are forced to wait for a few years on self-seizures. Because this false stereotype deprives people really need land in support of a majority of population of Ukraine.


Truth — because it is a truth: there is a stratum of people among Crimean Tatars, for which business on the tragedy of people during two ten of years became the unique principle of their existence.


That there is an insignificant minority of these people it doesn’t change a situation — being as minority, they were able to commit so crimes on behalf of all Crimean Tatars (against own people and Ukraine), that a black shade from their dirty businesses fell upon the entire Crimean Tatar people by shameful spot.


Namely these people — high team of the leadership of Mejlis — about which was directly said in topic, became as founders, main «shareholders» and «executive directors» of twenty-year business on tragedy of hapless and deceived people. Moreover, not only a land business but and political as well.


A plan of «the land business» of Dzhemilev’s persons is simple:


1. They gather people for studies and that following get-up of lands for building of habitation on interesting, from point of view of business, lands: on coast along lively routes in economical perspective areas.


2. Really, nobody of the organizers think to solve a land question of «self-seizures». Instead of it they feverishly search a «client» on this perspective plot, or «bargain» with authority for its «liberation» — in exchange for any prefences for «leading body».


3. After «successful completion» of previous point, to the participants of action, bearing all burdens of picket, they declare that in this place nothing turns out («power does not give!») — but in another place, not worse than this one, there are chances! And people «roused» by enthusiastic speeches, blindly trusting crafty leaders, «seize» another perspective plot.


4. Further a cycle is repeated.


Moreover, this plan — is absolutely not that plan of business, about which was said by journalists of «Groshi» (money), asserting that Tatars make business on sale of land plots.


The sizes of land plots on self-seizures — are from 6 to 10 hundredth parts of land. One doesn’t build a big business on such plot of land. At best — one or two greenhouses…


So, a real land business, which secretively is run by the leadership of Mejlis, uses hectares — that is or the entire «sized» territory, or its most part is sufficient for building of refueling, roadside camping-site or hotel. Naturally — with close-fitting sanitary zone. Namely, so the people are banished with full complement from «sold self-seizure» — simply there is no land for them.


Namely, this plan became as «gold rain» for the leadership of Mejlis. And namely «thanks to» such «leadership» of Dzhemilev’s persons on the South bank of Crimea, which before was densely populated by Crimean Tatars, today live not more than 2-3% — though namely the South bank of Crimea was once the most densely enveloped by Crimean Tatar actions. A majority of «self-seizures» today has own owners — they are not Crimean Tatars.


Naturally, these «unsuccessful» actions were «headed» by Dzhemilev’s persons. But there, where their participation in fortune of «self-seizures» was limited for any reasons — today live Crimean Tatars.


The situation was not changed up to now. The «self-seizure» was shown in topic of the program «Groshi», on which the journalists were proposed to sell two plots — is namely under jurisdiction of Mejlis.


But it would be a big mistake to demonize Mejlis as such, or personally Mustafa Dzhemilev or Refat Chubarov. They themselves didn’t represent and not represent practically any importance. All of their land machinations were as a part of the Big Game, in which they played the roles of subsidiary figures called to hide the Real Players.


But who are they — the Real Players?


The black half of truth for Ukraine


Let’s begin from that to put a simple question: why did Crimean Tatars go on «self-seizures»?


In reality: there is the law which obliges the state to give own citizens of age:


A separate land plot for building and exploitation of dwelling house,

A separate land plot for building of garage,

A separate land plot for building of dacha,


That is — three separate land plots, to get which every citizen of Ukraine has a right.




But relating to Crimean Tatars, who return to Crimea, this norm artificially and openly is sabotaged by Crimean officials.


In fact, from the beginning of return of the repatriates, still in Soviet Ukraine took place the open discrimination of Crimean Tatars by national sign.


Crimean Tatars were not registered in Crimea.


Crimean Tatars were refused in registration of bought houses.


The bulldozers demolished houses were bought by Crimean Tatars, and their families from these houses were forcedly removed and rejected with all things in open field and it was a mass occurrence.


Crimean Tatars were not taken for job without registration (in which they were refused) and as a result, were charged with clause «Sponging» with all following consequences.


The leaders of Ukrainian SSR «bombed» Kremlin by letters with demand to prohibit the return for Crimean Tatars to Crimea.

The bulldozers demolished houses were bought by Crimean Tatars...

...and their families from these houses were forcedly removed and rejected with all things in open field...

...and it was a mass occurrence

The situation was not changed and with obtaining of independence by Ukraine. Because of a collapse of USSR, already it was impossible administratively to restrain a stream of the repatriates. And the independent Ukraine had to «fight» independently against «Tatar invasion».




Because, to do it in the name of government, meant to discredit a new Ukraine as democratic state. The plan of a «calm opposition» against return and development of Crimean Tatars was worked out in the depths of Kyiv and Crimean political «generals»… by the hands of Crimean Tatars themselves.


Namely, within this Strategy of Keeping was worked out a system of the «Crimean Tatar self-government», in which all power according to the plan is to be concentrated in the hands of puppet leader is headed from without.


Namely, so, in 1991, the system of Kurultay-Mejlis was quickly established with maximal support of Ukrainian state and Crimean government, first — and only for 20 years — the chairman of which «became/appointed» Mustafa Dzhemilev.


Here one of the materials testifying about active participation of the Crimean government in organization and holding of Kurultay:



Deputy Chairman of the Head of Soviet of Ministers
Crimean ASSR A.I.Balagura
3rd June 1991


on assistance in organization
holding of congress (kurultay)
representatives of the Crimean Tatar people


1. To consider at the Presidium of executive committee of municipal soviet the statement of the organizational committee and to define a place and time for holding of the congress (kurultay). Responsible Yurov V.L. — chairman of Simferopol municipal soviet and executive committee.


2. On the claim of organizational committee to provide placing of delegates of congress and invited (persons) in hotels of Simferopol — 350 persons (was added by the hand of Balagura A.I.). Responsible Namyak E.D. — head of the administration of housing-municipal economy under Soviet of the Ministers of Crimean ASSR.


3. Jointly with organizational committee to consider an order and organization of feeding for participants of the congress.

Responsible Vyust E.Kh. — head of the administration of public catering under Soviet of the Ministers of Crimean ASSR.


4. On the claim of organizational committee to give a necessary number of buses for transport of participants of congress and organization of excursions.
Responsible Antonenko V.I. — general director of the State industrial association «Krimavtotrans».


5. To provide security of a movement of buses with participants of the congress and public order during congress.
Responsible Rusnak F.G. — head of the administration of internal affairs under Soviet of the Ministers of Crimean ASSR.


6. For organization of safe movement of transport with participants of the congress and support of public order the organizational committee to give a procedure of holding of the congress and a list of the main measures.


7. To provide organization of a sale of the tickets on rail and air transport for participants of the congress for return in places of permanent residence on the claim of organizational committee.
Responsible Melnyk V.A. — head of the Crimean department of Pridneprovskyi railway.
Anyfriyev V.A. — commander of Simferopol squadron.


Roik V.M. — head of Crim. ZAVS.,
V.I. Antonenko; V.A. Anufriyev; E.Kh. Vyust; V.A. Melnyk;
E.D. Namyak; F.G. Rusnak; V.L. Yurov; V.M. Roik


On a background of this document the statements of M. Dzhemilev look very strange, that this Kurultay was gathered by him with severe resistance of Ukrainian and Crimean authorities…


On the first stage, in composition of 2nd Kurultay, except «puppets», entered real leaders, gained their authority in the National movement of Crimean Tatars, including big managers, financiers and scientists from Crimean Tatars, who occupied responsible and high posts in states of the Central Asia.


Most likely, these people were admitted in the composition of 2nd Kurultay with aim — to legitimize it in the eyes of the entire Crimean Tatar people, which first for 60 years gathered, from places of uncoordinated residence, in single community on comparatively small territory of the Crimean peninsula.


And really, 2nd Kurultay was perceived by people practically unanimously.


But very soon the Strategy of Keeping started to work. They started gradually to press out the real patriots and veterans of the National movement from composition of Mejlis and then from Kurultay.


Ukrainian «puppeteers» expertly play by financial and administrative linchpins very quickly «made» M. Dzhemilev and R. Chubarov as single «managers» of the entire Crimean Tatar people, in theory, nominally protect the interests of people, but actually — with all the means keep the return and becoming of people in independent Ukraine.


First step of the leaders of Mejlis within Strategy of Keeping became the organized by them on the task «from the top» the persecution and defeat of the State committee on return and resettlement of deportees at the head of Yuri Osmanov.


It is obviously that this defeat was made to order: the illegal Mejlis could fight and win a legal state body only in one case — by secret participation of the highest-ranking officials of state in the process.


In principle, a situation is analogical that, if now any non-registered organization could get the unlimited access to newspapers and TV, and to press the Soviet of ministers and Supreme Soviet of the ARC, and after that by activity of a few rallies to force the government of Ukraine to reduce the activity of Republican committee on nationalities in Crimea.

Let’s agree — even it sounds absurdly!


But namely so was presented for the community the defeat and following liquidation of structure of the Republican committee on nationalities, which, we notice, submitted even not to Crimea, but Kyiv…


After that, as the Republican committee on nationalities, and then and Yuri Osmanov were destroyed, already nothing prevented from puppets to set to the main task — braking of avalanche-type and out of control process of return and becoming on own historical Motherland.


The main elements of keeping became a dispossessing of land of Crimean Tatars and destruction of the economical, administrative and educational potential of the Crimean Tatar people by way of the settling of returning repatriates in the most remote places of Crimea, maximally remote from culturally and economically perspective regions and large cities.


With aim of realization of this program, the government of Crimea developed and approved the Plan of repatriates’ settling:

As we can see from this graph, the Plan of settling of returning Crimean Tatars didn't have something common with places of residence before deportation

As we can see from this graph, the Plan of settling of returning Crimean Tatars didn’t have something common with places of residence before deportation.


Moreover — this plan also was as discrimination by national sign, because it concerned only Crimean Tatars.


Faces of any other nationality could come to Crimea and settle there, where they wanted — but only Crimean Tatars were to settle in accordance with discrimination plan was devised by someone.


But, for some reason, the frankly discrimination nature of this plan for settlement was condemned by neither Mejlis, nor Kurultay, neither Dzhemilev, nor Chubarov — that only it confirms the anti-Tatar vector of their activity.


The plan was strictly executed. Crimean Tatars absolutely illegally were refused in satisfaction of the official statements on land allotment according to the effective legislation — while the land was sold off with hundred hectares by local officials.


Activists of the participants of the National movement, see such injustice and having experience of the organized struggle, organized several protest actions connected with land question.


This people’s initiative was in the shortest terms caught by the leadership of Mejlis and converted into profitable business, which was mentioned in the program «Groshi» and detailed above.


Naturally — all this business, only nominally was «under Mejlis» and «under Crimean Tatars», because, we repeat, being illegal structure, Mejlis had no — and cannot have in principle — no official influence on state bodies and local soviets.


All «achievements» of Dzhemilev’s persons in land and political area have only one basis — personal illegal agreement of official Crimean and Ukrainian officials with representatives of illegal structure.


Actually, this was the Big Game of the Crimean-Kyiv mafia, in which the Mejlis was only as screen, and ordinary Crimean Tatar people executed a role of absolutely inoffensive, but very red rag, which is diverted bull’s attention on arena from really dangerous, for its life, sword in hands of toreador.


Thus, «unpunished and eternal» chairman of Mejlis Mustafa Dzhemilev and all «land business on self-seizures» — is the result not Crimean Tatar people, but Ukrainian and Crimean officials of high rank.


And this is a bitter half of the truth for Ukraine.


Two half of the truth


Unfortunately, all abovementioned, without which it is impossible to understand rightly real reaons and role of Crimean Tatar «self-seizures» — left outside the topic of the program «Groshi».


Firstly, the authors of topic didn’t give information of the official statistics, which impartially testifies: the Crimean Tatar self-seizures constitute only…12-15% of all seizures of land in Crimea. The most part of Crimean land is seizes by officials and commercial structures, often — with violation of legality and falsification of documents.


Secondly, and the truth on confrontation of Mejlis with «Sebat» left outside the topic — «Sebat» is a non-governmental organization controls more 75% of land protest glades in Crimea.


The journalists of the program «Groshi» was not able to investigate the problem, and put «Sebat» and Mejlis of Dzhemilev on same shelf — they said all of them trade by «seized» land. But, in the same time, the authors of the topic «forgot» to mention that:


— «Sebat» was established by the persons, which principally appeared for land allotment for persons directly need it, but not for business-structures. Namely, this demand became the main reason of difference between Mejlis and participants of the protest glades were organized by «Sebat».


— as the first step of «Sebat» became the announcement of moratoria on holding of the mass protest actions in Crimea


— in order to stabilize a social situation in Crimea and to allow the government of now late Vasil Dzharti begins to solve the land question of Crimean Tatars without provocations and mutual threats. This initiative of «Sebat» fully unsettled from Mejlis its trump card — mass protest actions, which were used by Mejlis for keeping of Crimea in situation of permanent tension during twenty years.


— Namely, «Sebat» was first, which made a step of good will, voluntarily cleared a protest glade «Krasnaya Gorka» without any financial demands — only in exchange for giving of the land plots for people in other place.


— M. Dzhemilev and R. Chubarov wage against «Sebat» the open «cold war», — using all its financial and administrative potential for discredit of «Sebat» and derangement of the initiatives directed on quickest solution of the land question in Crimea in favour of the people.


— on protest glades are supervised by «Sebat», not only Crimean Tatars assert their rights shoulder to shoulder, but also Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs and Armenians — all citizens of Ukraine, which have a right to get a land plot from state determined by law.


— the initiatives of «Sebat» were found by understanding in the government of Crimea and land question of the self-seizures began to solve positively for people.


Thirdly, it was not sounded in the program «Groshi» and the most important information, which was repeatedly sounded by the journalists — that there is nothing common between Mejlis and Crimean Tatar people. Crimean Tatars announced impeachment to Dzhemilev and Chubarov for betrayal of the interests of people and plunder of budget money, were given for resettlement of the Crimean Tatar people. In the resolution of people’s meeting from 21st November 2011 there is a demand to the Government of Crimea to exclude the representatives of Mejlis from composition of the Land commission of the ARC.


This demand, at the same time, was not executed by the government of Crimea up to now, in spite of all present facts of the destructive activity of Dzhemilev’s persons in land area…


Fourthly, the initiatives of the Crimean Tatar Popular Front (CTPF) left «off screen» of topic, which directed on legislation regulation of the Crimean Tatar question in independent Ukraine — or only a lack the Law of Ukraine «On restoration of the rights and rehabilitation of the repressed Crimean Tatar people» allows to exist as negative phenomena of Dzhemilev, as a problem of the self-seizures.


Why so large volume of information positively affects the collective image of Crimean Tatars didn’t inform the observer?


Why the final topic — in the presence of all abovementioned information by journalists — showed a problem of the forced protest land actions exceptionally in negative presentation?


Why did the journalists mention that under somebody’s words about 1500 participants of self-seizures already somewhere have the plots — but not said that more 20000 Crimean Tatar families, which united under the aegis of «Sebat», every year received the official refusals in allotment of the plots — and only an irreparableness of situation forced them to go on self-seizure as a single opportunity to defend their rights together and to receive vitally necessary piece of land?


After all — it is understandable the aspiration of the young journalists to make a sensational material. It is understandable and time frames of the program, which limit informational opportunities of a topic.


But you know that a skill of the journalist and professional level of the national TV channel consists not only in ability to find and put on the air the «fried facts». Everything is much deeper and significant.


Special stress of many Mass Media on «negative-scandal sensation» in leisurely fashion frustrates a society. The programs, in which one part of the population of Ukraine is presented as negative to other one, result to increase of the confrontational moods and a rise of general social tension in state.


Who is advantageous to present Crimean Tatars as «invaders» and «lawless persons» and in the same time, to incite the rest of Ukrainian community against them?


To that person, who earns dividends on opposition of Tatars to Ukrainians, and Moslems — to Orthodoxies.


To that person, who doesn’t want the unity and mutual respects of the peoples within free and really independent Ukraine — which is independent from chauvinism, free from mutual distrust and mutual accusations and reproaches.


To that person, who is advantageous and comfortable a weak Ukraine, is rent by internal conflicts…


The real journalist has a super-task to show all truth for own observer, as bitter or unattractive it was not.

The «fried» and juggled half-truth, undoubtedly, also attracts attention of the observer — but what will be a result? Will it strengthen Ukraine — or will weaken? Will it raise the observer on higher spiritual level — or let down to the primitive reactions: irritation, malice and anger? Will it give a light of piece and mutual understanding for the peoples of Ukraine — or it drives to the darkness of mutual hatred and opposition? Here in what question…


If a baker is responsible only for baked bread, and a turner — only for turned component, that the workers of Mass Media (and especially — TV channel of the national scale) carry much more responsibility, or as a result of their work is neither much nor little — the public opinion of population of the entire state.


And this responsibility obliges them to the Truth — full, entire without reservations and distortions.


Every real journalist is to remember about it.


Rinat Shaymardanov,
analytical group of Milli Firka


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