What for «Islamic Terrorists» Were Necessary for Militian Bosses?

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What for «Islamic Terrorists» Were Necessary for Militian Bosses?

Happens to a pain it is insulting, when you see as from you try to mould the full idiot. Two «sculptors» the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Jury Lutsenko together with the deputy Gennady Moskal with the inspired expression of persons throughout a week with persistence, worthy best application, modeled this image from citizens of the distressful country Ukraine.

The blessing not all citizens of this state agree to accept them «a creative impulse» for the truth. And after all the truth you will not conceal … Here for example all of us have learnt that the militia opens»an awful crime in»Artek». By People’s Deputies SR of Ukraine and the priest of the Umansky diocese children were forced. The crime is stopped, and we for a second do not doubt, observers of the law never any more will not admit mockery over children.

But where laurels? Where awards? Though medals, at last? And, well, it is clear … all is very modestly. Simply professionals do the work! And the international prestige. That foreigners will think of us. Who to us then will arrive to have a rest? And especially who will send now on rest to Crimea the child?

Quite another matter «the international terrorism». If to brag that it in Ukraine is — us at once respect, and tourists will simply tumble down to Crimea. Tell extreme tourism now in a fashion. And it is somehow pleasant that at us there are numerous of benladens. Whereas abrupt Americans of one in any way cannot catch. Well we are worse than America, or Russia, at last?!

Well, where them to take, these terrorists? No, not socialists, communists, or nationalists. Islamites are necessary to us only. Now it is fashionable. Here if still this gang had any Arabian name…

And here is a miracle! Two hunters have absolutely casually seen three guys who have adhered the cow stolen by them to a tree. Pilferers have understood that them have marked and have started to escape. But hunters not only have caught them, but also, having caused the local policeman, have handed over them, without looking that thieves had a fowling piece sawn-off shotgun, and there was a firing. Thieves have been delivered in regional department of militia, and wounded (eight bullet wounds) in hospital. Possibly, they really were members of the organisation «takfir». Who is such takfirs, you ask — abnormal which declare pagans of all Moslems with which opinion for whatever reasons they do not agree. Though on norms of Islam, named the Moslem the pagan, risks to get to the Hell. But those guys who were caught by hunters, this fact, probably, did not excite. If they, naming itself Moslems, up in arms steal another’s property that is strictly forbidden by Islam.

Well, to militiamen what difference … named itself Moslems and all. Under their information, and can be and not on them, the inhabitant of the Bakhchsarai area by name of Ahmet has been detained. For some reason militiamen have written on a nickname «telemaster». At what here a nickname? It it is valid by a trade the telemaster. From Ahmet have withdrawn the automatic machine … and have there and then christened grasped by «the emir of jihad of Ukraine». In as! Neither it is more, nor it is less. Here it, smart guy, our own Ukrainian Osama bin Laden!

But takfirits in Crimea, unfortunately, have appeared. The proof to it is their attempt at a life of the imam of the Kurtsovsky mosque (suburb of Simferopol). And to stop this direction, certainly, it is necessary.

And now even in search «the red Arab», according to militiamen, the ideologist of this group. In «world» it is known under a name of Abu-Abdurahman. Though, in the beginning militiamen said, what it spiritual party leader Hizb-ut-Takfir? Knowing a situation of affairs with Islam in Simferopol Moslems assert that it to these groups has no what relation. Now all understand that he will be found and detained. And without a difference it is guilty or not. A policy … What policy? And as, after all under the information attempt at deputy ВР of Ukraine was planned by Mustafa Dzhemilev! You represent, those thieves of a horned cattle have appeared the killers employed by Russia for liquidation of chairman Medzhlis!

But to it too has carried. It is live remained has gained future, most likely, members of the same party, smothers party Hizb-ut-Takfir. You ask, what bad Dzhemilev have made «hizbs»? Yes, most likely, they do not plan attempts for him, but they do not go on elections, including any board not under the Koran a sin (excuse religious belief). And it for deputies is worse than murder. Who for them will vote now?

So, it is possible to sum up. Militian are barefooted, have tried to rescue the party, for what workers of criminal investigation department of a central board of Crimea and the Simferopol regional department are generously awarded personally by the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Not so clearly for what. Terrorists were caught by hunters. By the way, inhabitants of Crimea had not time to forget yet as workers of the Simferopol regional department «have performed operation» in Mirnoe in which result, the innocent person has lost a hand brush. Deputies plan to concoct new laws, against «terrorism» that, certainly, will even more strike at the rights of the Crimean Tatars, as adherents of this religion. And now all who feel like it, under this noise can «knit» any Moslem. And how capture of «terrorists» savour mass-media, sowing fear and hatred to the Crimean Tatars and Moslems in general?!

But it is leaders of Medzhlisas it is visible, does not excite … They today dealt with by much more important problem — to whom more expensively and more favourably personally for itself to sell voices of the Crimean Tatar electorate.

The most part of the Crimean Tatars would vote for J.Timoshenko. J.Lutsenko has declared that on elections will support its nominee. G.Moskal, is directed to Crimea, only for struggle against opponents BYT. How will the Crimean Tatars vote now?

Ennan Ametov



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