Yanukovych Has Made «a Mad Act»

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Yanukovych Has Made «a Mad Act»

President Victor Yanukovych has substituted in a question of new structure of Council of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people, it was the mad act. The guarantor should recognize the both an error, and an unregistered Medzhlis. So head of Medzhlis Mustafa Dzhemilev considers, informs a weekly journal «Peninsula».

Now, according to Dzhemilev, in Council there are 10 persons, «who among themselves can’t make the decision on the one who will be head»:

«There were 10 persons, and they had the conflict in a question of the head of Council was developed. Thus, they have understood that no influence at them is present. Elections have shown it», — Dzhemilev has told. — When we saw Dzharty, we spoke about this question and on how to leave the given situation. I said that the head of the state has made the decision and, having shown on concrete people, have told that they will be representatives of the people. It was the mad act as representatives of the people choose. In this question he have substituted, and without having considered, has signed the corresponding decision ».

Dzhemilev has noticed that there are two scenarios on which this question can be solved. And they are very difficult for the power:

«First, the president can tell that those people have been engaged in Council structure not, but it will be difficult. Secondly, there is more radical, but the correct decision. It consists in a recognition of Medzhlis which is selected by the Crimean Tatar people. It is the most correct way. Whether at them the boldness however will suffice is already other question».

«They speculate that if we will be with them all our questions will be solved. However we have principles», — the leader of Medzhlis has added.

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