The Power Has Concluded the Bargain with Medzhlis

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The Power Has Concluded the Bargain with Medzhlis

The earths near Gurzuf have passed for nothing

Carrying out of ground auctions in Crimea is «the roughest infringement of the rights of the Crimean Tatar people» and «conflicts to the Declaration on the national sovereignty of the Crimean Tatar people». It at press conference in Simferopol was declared by the coordinator of Standing committee of National meeting оf the Crimean Tatar people Abdureshit DZHEPPAROV.

As he said, ground auctions «not only are socially unfair, but also are wrongful from the point of view of the international statutory acts as articles 8, 25-30 and 32 Declarations of the United Nations Organization on the rights of the radical people» are ignored. «The agrarian question in Crimea isn’t solved yet, it is not accepted any law of rather our problem, and we consider that all similar actions with the earth are inappropriate. Thus it is not counted up that to us should return, and consequently such operations shouldn’t have a place», — Abdureshit Dzhepparov has told.

Solidarity with the given position was expressed also by a member of presidium of Coordination council of political forces оf the Crimean Tatar people Nariman Ibadullaev. «Consequences of the made decision, a consequence of the last auction and forthcoming auctions will be never accepted by the Crimean Tatars as decisions, valid. Once again the state structures, making such decisions, put the big and very dangerous mine of a delayed action under the future of the people of Crimea… Any action on land selling, whether it be on Southern coast or in a steppe part of Crimea, is illegal, is violation of the rights of the Crimean Tatars», — the public man has declared.

Thus Abdureshit Dzhepparov hasn’t excluded that in the future, considering today’s «restless time», persons who have bought the land in Crimea through auctions, can lose it. «Buyers of this earth and the future buyers won’t have a guarantee in success of the enterprises. Who could assume five years ago, what on the world map will appear five new states? And today we have Dnestr region, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Kosovo, Southern Sudan and who can guarantee that in territory of Crimea there will be no state formation. Then it is all it will be nationalized. The one who buys the land, should know, whose it takes, and whether it is necessary for it to take another’s. Buying the land, it is necessary to think, where you put up money, whether you will lose them tomorrow», — he has told.

According to A.Dzhepparov, two ground areas which have been exposed on the first ground auction, have been sold for nothing.« We know that have sold 3,2 hectare of the earth, have thus helped a little more than 2,5 million grivnas. One hundred part of the earth, and it in Gurzuf turns out somewhere about thousand dollars!? All of us live in Crimea, and each child knows, how many there is an earth ashore, beginning from Sudak to Yalta. We know that, let us assume, in Sudak the earth near to the sea costs from 10 to 15 thousand dollars for a hundred part. That is we have received in treasury ten times less money, than it costs today in the market. Even on sale, in the market, it would cost more expensive, probably. Thus, deprived have appeared not only the Crimean Tatars, it has concerned each inhabitant of Crimea. If they have sold at such price — less thousand dollars for a hundred part what for to stand on self-captures when any Crimean Tatar, Russian or the representative of other nationality can come and buy the earth at auction for a song? »- the public man was indignant.

Abdureshit Dzhepparov also has added that the earths round Simferopol which are occupied today by «protest glades», also plan to expose for auction. Therefore the power has concluded the bargain with Medzhlis which has incurred the obligation to release the given sites from self-aggressors.

«Chubarov and Dzharty have concluded the bargain. Now that group of people which names itself» members of Medzhlis «led by Refat Chubarov work over that those settlements which are occupied by the Crimean Tatars, to release. Under the information which to us was given by Alexander Chabanov (chairman of Reskomground АRC ), further on auctions sites round Simferopol will be exposed. Therefore now, probably, these territories are necessary for releasing from the Crimean Tatars that them too to realize by means of Refat Chubarov who has entered the transaction with Dzharty. Danial Ametov (the former adviser of the head of organization» Аvdet «for legal questions ) also has been isolated with the purpose he couldn’t coordinate further action on these self-returns», — he noticed.

Nariman IBSDULLAEV has agreed with Abdureshit Dzhepparov also. «Basically this auction couldn’t take place, if there was no arrangement between Medzhlis and a new management in the Crimean autonomy and in Kiev if there was no treachery of interests of the Crimean Tatars from a small group of the persons parasitizing within 20 years on troubles of the Crimean Tatar people and putting a dangerous vector in mutual relations of the Crimean Tatars, power and other people living in Crimea», — the public man has underlined.

Let’s remind, on February, 17th in Crimea the first ground auction has taken place, on it two sites by the area of 0,75 hectares and 2,43 hectares located behind borders Gurzuf rural council have been sold.

They are bought by the Kiev building holding. The first — for 707 thousand 400 UAH, the second — for 2 million 414,7 thousand UAH.

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