There Is No Enough Money And Posts For Dzhemilev

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There Is No Enough Money And Posts For Dzhemilev

As the press-service of the Constant representative of the president of Ukraine in АRC, on Monday informs, on April, 19th the Constant representative of the president of Ukraine in АR Crimea Sergey Kunitsyn has held working meeting with councillors of representatives of the Crimean tatar people at the President of Ukraine.

In the meeting have taken part: the assistant to the Constant representative of the president of Ukraine in АR Crimea Ibraim Mamutov, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, the chairman of the council of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people at the President of Ukraine Mustafa Dzhemilev, the first deputy of chairman of the council Refat Chubarov, the secretary of Council Remzi Iljasov, representatives of Sovmin and parliament AR Crimea, a head of Simferopol Gennady Babenko. The chairman of Republican committee of ground resources Oleg Rusetsky, other officials, representatives of the public, press.

Discussion of problem questions of arrangement of the deported citizens — the Crimean Tatars, their adaptation and integration into the Ukrainian society, and also a course of preparation of actions, on the occasion of 66th anniversary of deportation became the main theme of meeting.

Mustafa Dzhemilev in the performance at meeting has emphasised questions of underfinancing of the program of arrangement of repatriates, representations of the Crimean Tatars in authorities and power structures of Crimea, necessity of acceptance by the Supreme Rada of the law on restoration of the rights deported.

«We should know accurately, the state will participate in a question of arrangement of compatriots which after the semicentenial reference come back to the Native land, or not. We are not parasites, we elicit nothing! We speak: we need to give that is necessary to us by right», — has declared M.Dzhemilev.

According to head of Medzhlis, for last five years programs of moving and arrangement deported for 2005-2010 has made 103 million hrn. It also has expressed doubt that this year will be allocated by 124 million hrn., provided by the program for 2010.

«Some days ago I had a meeting with vice-premier Seminozhenko. How I have understood from his words, in the project for 2010 50 million hrn is provided., and that not from the budget, and from stabilisation fund. That is, will want — will give, will not want — will not give», — leader of Medzhlis has told.

As M.Dzhemilev has declared, Ukraine has incurred the obligation to allocate money for arrangement before deported citizens and if the country does not do it the Crimean Tatars can demand to return them taken during deportation of 1944 property and houses.

«The state Ukraine owing to the known reasons cannot return our houses, our confiscated property, but the state has a position, it speaks: I will solve your problems, annually putting in the budget certain means. If the state speaks: no, I will not solve a problem, I will not allocate money there is a question of that returning that has been illegally withdrawn from our people. In what it will result? I think, the state structure of the power should think of it. If, say, we have been returned 89 thousand houses and the apartments withdrawn at deportation, no housing problem would exist. If we have been returned four hundred with superfluous schools which were before the deportation, any new schools it would be not necessary to build», — has declared M.Dzhemilev.

Addressing to participants of meeting, Sergey Kunitsyn has told: «All problems of arrangement of the Crimean Tatars and other deported people can be divided on what are in the competence of the central authorities of Ukraine and what in the competence of authorities of the Autonomy. It is impossible to tell that in this question becomes nothing, but frequently productivity of execution of many tasks ordered by Decrees, commissions of the head of the state, various standard documents, remains low.

Today in Crimea, according to official figures, lives over 270 thousand before deported citizens who have returned to places of constant residing. The overwhelming majority of their number (over 266 thousand) — the Crimean Tatars.

From the repatriation beginning in Crimea were formed about 300 villages and microdistricts of compact residing of the Crimean Tatars. Not all (a maximum, 2/3) are provided by water, level of gasification does not exceed 10-12 %, and a state of affairs with canalization and roads it is possible to name in general the catastrophic. There are sharp problems of social security, health services, the transport message.

Now, in the conditions of crisis, the question of employment of repatriates in a rural zone where simply it is impossible to find work became one more acute problem. The most resonant question — ground. In it — sources of potential conflicts on places.

By and large, the decision of all these questions — in the competence of local authorities. As to the competence of the central authorities of Ukraine, I will notice that last year the bill «About renovation of the rights of people, deported for nationaity» has been developed. However the previous head of the state Victor Yushchenko has not passed an opinion the official opinion of this initiative. Nevertheless, as far as it is known, the bill is registered in the Supreme Rada at number 5516.

It is assured, the present president of Ukraine Victor Fedorovich Yanukovych all the same will express the opinion. After all in it is pledge of the decision of the questions connected with international and interconfessional by a situation on peninsula. And in it the big help can and should render Council of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people at the President of Ukraine, close cooperation of this body with Representation of the President of Ukraine in Autonomous republic Crimea, Ministerial council, Autonomy parliament.

I think, our today’s conversation — opened, fair, basic, will allow if not to solve to designate ways of the decision of many problems, to adjust constructive cooperation, to designate the prime purposes and problems, ways of their decision ».

Conversation during meeting has turned out frank. The parties have expressed on all problem questions: buildings of the Cathedral mosque in Simferopol, allocation of the ground areas to repatriates, buildings of schools and kindergartens, budgetary financing of the programs connected with arrangement of the Crimean Tatars, legislative initiatives.

Summing up a meeting, the Constant Representative of the President of Ukraine in АR Sergey Kunitsyn has noted Crimea: «I knew that conversation will be uneasy. Problems of the Crimean Tatars during the last years only were aggravated. I promise one: as the Representative of the President I will convince the head of the state, new heads of necessity of the decision of all these questions. After all behind each concrete problem — questions of geopolitics and the ethnonational policy».

Sergey Kunitsyn has expressed confidence that similar working meetings will be spent regularly, and Council of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people at the president of Ukraine all the same will earn at the full capacity.

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