Turkey Wants to Open General Consulate in Crimea

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Turkey Wants to Open General Consulate in Crimea

Turkey is interested in economic development of Crimea and is ready to assist an autonomy. Instead of honourable the Turkish side plans to open consulate general in the Crimean capital. The head Ahmet Davutoglu has informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey on it at a meeting with the chairman of the council of ministers of Crimea Vasily Dzharty.

«We see Ukraine and Turkey as the friendly countries, between which probably deep cooperation. If to perceive Ukraine as the big house of our friends, Crimea — doors in this house. We give to Crimea very much great value and are ready to assist in economic development of Crimea», — quotes Davutoglu central administrative board of information policy of Cabinet Council.

In turn the prime minister of Crimea has assured that the autonomy is interested in inflow of investments from Turkey.

«The purpose of a command of our president Victor Yanukovych — economic development of the country and improvement of quality of a life of people. In Crimea it is possible, including, within the limits of investment and innovative projects with the assistance of Turkey», — Dzharty has told.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Turkey has declared that the country leaders intend to deduce diplomatic relations with Ukraine and Crimea on higher level.

«We wish to open in Simferopol instead of honourable consulate consulate general», — has informed Davutoglu.

He has added that the day before at conference in Kiev the decision to organise a ferry between Yalta and the Turkish city of Sinop was accepted, and also to begin negotiations about formation of the Turkish-Ukrainian zone of free trade. Besides, Turkey has suggested Ukraine to cancel a visa regime completely.

News agency «New Region — Crimea»


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