Ukraine: We Are Losing It

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Ukraine: We Are Losing It

Ukraine lies on an operational table. Doctors are around, on a little table for stock — ready to implantation the tax code and the labor legislation. On a public address system commands of foreign doctors from IMF are audible — they supervise all process. Operation on treatment of the started social tumor in the heat.

It hurts Ukraine — there is no money for narcosis, that is why it feels each contact of a scalpel. Ukraine is frightened — it is little belief in skill of surgeons, after all many of them recently worked as pathologists. But to refuse treatment — means to die.

Too long the country didn’t notice a social hernia. Too strongly it was stuffed anesthetizing with political charlatans. Populism of the oligarchical clans struggling with each other naming with «parties», has given metastasises. Winners managed the country with dying away pulse.

«Cut a liver», — whispers to the surgeon the Appendix (at it actives in metallo). «It is possible to sell one kidney + or even both», — the Cyst (behind the back — the coal companies) mutters. «Lungs need to be offered», — advise worms (they as any officials, haven’t got used to count a situation beforehand). And the scalpel in hands of the uncertain surgeon does the first curve cut.

This illness is 20 years. It was born when the country was looked after alternately by different political gentlemen. One gave to drink its social alcohol, others — placed on export morphine, the third — promised to bring from abroad foreign medicines. Tell bitter truth only rejected boyfriends — the same it was possible to whom to make the way to a body could, preferred to be silent not to fall into disgrace.

And here it, a result. The lowest tariffs for housing and communal services — a subject of envy of neighbors — have turned back bankruptcy of «Naftogaz», whose debts have hung on the state. Unreasonable social bonuses have led to that on blood system of the budget the 65-milliard blood clot of grants in the Pension fund hangs. Chaotic communications with creditors have added to Ukraine whole venereal «bouquet» — any more it chooses admirers, and they cautiously look narrowly at it.

Surgeons are not in delight too. They, generally, always were, as though it to tell, physically strong bookkeepers, they are able to consider, instead of to treat. But they don’t have choice: if not to rescue the patient and there will be nothing to count up.

They any more don’t want (and whether wanted?) to offer this country a hand and heart. Will put on feet — means, will work on an economy. The ten years will stretch — means, will send on the panel. As a last resort, if operation fails, bodies of the patient always can be sold with benefit.

If all indeed ends safely — doctors think — that won’t prevent to sterilize the patient. After all if not to remove middle class in the long term it can give birth to other surgeon. Experience of the castrated dogs prompts to doctors that without genital bodies the country will be silent and obedient. Just that is necessary for them.

Ukraine already waits for nothing — it only with a flour has stared in a ceiling of the operational. It can’t even pray — too many gods was at it in this life. Remains only, having gritted cogs, to hope that the medicine won’t appear too painful. Also that won’t confuse with a dosage. It guesses that in an event is guilty only itself, but from this overdue opening it becomes not easier.

Pavel Kazarin


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