Who Steals he Earth and How Much?

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Who Steals he Earth and How Much?

For first three months 2010 the Crimean Office of Public Prosecutor has protested 357 illegal decisions in sphere of ground relations. On it have informed in the press-service of Office of Public Prosecutor ARC.

By data of law enforcement, last large victory of supervising department was in April when Ministerial council ARC, having satisfied requirements of Office of Public Prosecutor, has cancelled decisions on allocation more than 200 sites for country building around Yalta reserve. Also protests were taken out on the facts of granting of the earths in rent without use of the ground auctions, untimely payment of losses of an agricultural production, unreasonable placing of the given means on a depositary abacus in banks etc.

Thus for the specified period the Office of Public Prosecutor has excited only 10 criminal cases on infringements in ground sphere. Basically all criminal cases are connected with earth allocation in coastal areas.

Let’s remind, in interview of «Rosbalt» the speaker of the Crimean parliament Vladimir Konstantinov noticed that the scheme of «stealing» the Crimean earths depends on scales. If it is a question of the big site the decision is accepted in Kiev if about small — that on places, was told by him.



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