Biljal Biljalov Has Told Yushchenko, What Democracy He Had Created

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Biljal Biljalov Has Told Yushchenko, What Democracy He Had Created

The art director of Crimean tatar academic musical-drama theatre, the chairman of the Crimean branch of the Union of theatrical figures of Ukraine, the chairman of the Crimean centre of the International institute of theatre at UNESCO Biljal Biljalov during a forum of the Ukrainian intelligency on Wednesday, on December, 23rd, in Simferopol has acquainted the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko with a current situation in revival and development of Crimean Tatar cultures.

Besides, he has reminded of a problem of Dzhuma-Dzhami (the Cathedral mosque) and broken tomb plates on Muslim cemeteries.

The performance of Biljal Biljalov has begun with processes of formation of democracy in Ukraine. «18 years ago there was of what many dreamt — have found independence of Ukraine. 5 years ago for Ukraine there was one more chance to come off the past (the events connected with presidential elections of Ukraine in 2004, (« Orange revolution ») — We at the very least, but go to democratic values.

I am abroad sometimes and willy-nilly I compare our state to France, Germany, Egypt and other countries. Including, I happen in republics of the former USSR which we, in my opinion, advance a minimum for 20 years and we come nearer to Europe. I can say directly today to our president everything that I think, and that excites me. In one of Post-Soviet republics today it cannot allow », — he has underlined.

At the same time, Biljalov has reminded of those problems of the Crimean Tatar people which proceed to remain unresolved in this democratic state.

«I should tell about a depressing situation in a question of Crimean Tatar language which practically does not function. It is pleasant to someone, it is not pleasant to someone, and 5,5 centuries here settled down the state of the Crimean Tatars. Also it is the fact. Our speech here again sounded, our music sounded, there was our culture. We practically do not have possibility to speak on the native language. I accuse nobody, I establish the fact», — the representative of Crimean Tatar intelligency has noted.

Also, he has mentioned a question about the Crimean tatar theatre which building has got in the inheritance from the former club of People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs. «This building is absolutely not suitable for use as a theatrical premise. It is unique theatre in Ukraine which has no elementary shops for manufacturing of scenery and suits etc. Today has ripened a question in the democratic state — Ukraine — to construct new Crimean Tatar theatre, and I very much hope for it. I wish to note and about a pitiable condition of the Ukrainian theatre in Akmesdzhit where all rusty and all is scattered. This point in question does not dare for years. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to it», — Beljalov has noticed.

The Crimean Tatar art worker has not disregarded the Crimean tatar museum of arts and Crimean tatar folklore ensemble «Crimea».

«As to the Crimean Tatar museum of arts, probably, many do not know that it exists. The museum is in one of available housing apartments, in which rotten floors. And it is called the Crimean Tatar museum of arts! Still there is a Crimean Tatar folklore ensemble« Crimea »which is in a building in which hall the grass grows. A building where you today are, is the best and beautiful in Crimea (Russian drama theatre of M.Gorkogo ). All other buildings in culture sphere are in an awful condition», — Beljalov has complained.

It has reminded that earlier in Crimea there were 1700 mosques which for today are destroyed. «Today, in centre of Akmesdzhit Alexander Nevskogo’s fine temple is under construction and all of us are happy. In Yalta the chapel is constructed and all of us are happy. Let’s be tolerant and we will be valid under the relation to each other. Really since 1994 it is impossible to deal with a question of building of a mosque, at least to allocate the earth. People pray today in the street as there are no premises where can come and pray the God», — the art director of Crimean Tatar theatre was indignant.

Also has addressed to the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko. «You said, Victor Andreevich that is the city council competence, but really it is necessary to wait until the situation will blow up. I think that it is possible to deal with this question. Today to us give the earth around dumps. What for so to humiliate and offend the people? Really for 16 years it is impossible to allocate an earth piece? Simply pit against each other when it is possible to live peacefully and beautifully», — he has told and has added: «Two years ago, Victor Andreevich, on a Muslim cemetery of 226 gravestones it has been broken. 226, instead of 2, not 3. In what civilised state such can be seen? Have found today those who has made it? I think that was not present», — Biljalov has underlined.

The performance of Biljal Biljalov has finished words: «you excuse me, Victor Andreevich, you have created democracy».

Let’s remind that on Wednesday, on December, 23rd, the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has carried out working visit to Crimea.



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