Chubarov Complains About «the Worthless» Ukrainian Power

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Chubarov Complains About «the Worthless» Ukrainian Power

The deputy of the head of Medzhlis Refat Chubarov considers that Ukraine «worthlessly» used the chance of the development, given by «orange revolution». «If to answer in a word — that is «bad «, as to tell« would be worthless «severely», — he has told in interview to the Kiev newspaper «Day», summing up the last five years.

«To be more concrete, I will address to Crimea. A ball of problems, many of which originate since the Soviet power and its repressive policy in relation to the radical people of peninsula. Clearly, as approaches Ukrainian and local politicians to the decision of the Crimean Tatar problems are so inconsistent that at one stroke this ball can’t be untied. But after all there was no even a reaction of the new power to our offers on realisation of system and thorough dialogue — the dialogue supported with authority of the state, including representatives of the Crimean Tatars, known scientific and authoritative public and the politicians, using will entrust in the Ukrainian and Crimean company», — Refat Abdurahmanovich has complained.

On materials: news agency «New Region — Crimea»


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