Dzharty with Widely Closed Eyes

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Dzharty with Widely Closed Eyes

Chairman of Sovmin АRC Vasily Dzharty has addressed with the post card to the leader of Medzhlis of the Crimean Tatars Mustafa Dzhemilev with the requirement to put an end to ground self-captures.

«The Crimean power doesn’t intend to continue reconciling further with orgy of lawlessness, — said in the letter of Dzharty. — Self-captures become a serious obstacle on a way of social and economic development of an autonomy and the destabilizing factor of the international consent». The head of the Crimean government warns Dzhemilev that the power «refuses to close eyes» on ignoring and neglect the Constitution and laws of Ukraine from separate representatives of the Crimean Tatars and asks Mustafa-aha, using «great prestige» and necessary influence among the compatriots, to convince broken the law «voluntary to release» autocratically grasped earth.

In a case of «absence of reaction» on the offer on discharging of sites of Dzharty has threatened to direct the corresponding reference to law enforcement bodies and Office of Public Prosecutor with the requirement to accept «immediate measures» to infringers. Has thus underlined that in Crimea there are no «the untouchables», whatever nationality the person is.

Dzhemilev in the address from the head of the Crimean government has apprehended the letter not without irony: «If he (Dzharty.) has addressed to me in what status does he consider me?» Mustafa-aha has reminded that there is a council of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people at the president of Ukraine, therefore more logically, as he said, would be to address there. Really, council of representatives which Medzhlis management has refused to enter, is a legitimate organization whereas Medzhlis has no legal status as puts itself as though over the government in Ukraine, achieving creation in Crimea separate of the Criman Tatar state.

What has forced head of Sovmin to address to Dzhemilev concerning liquidation of self-captures? The matter is that by quantity of promises to introduce on peninsula an order and to improve life of Crimeans the new government of peninsula has outdone the predecessors several times. Therefore «post card» in many respects — the certificate of «style of work» Dzharty or, at least, creations of its visibility.

Crimeans know well that when the authorities start to argue on necessity of liquidation of self-captures in general is an obvious demagogy. It is possible to speak seriously only about earth discharging on concrete sites. As, for example, it was during building of a loop road Evpatoria — Simferopol — Nikolaevka.

In general the letter of Dzharty whether shows the full lack of information, whether tries to mislead people. After all self-captures in Crimea are generated by not so much Medzhlis, as the power. For this purpose, for example, it is necessary to pass round Simferopol and to be convinced that on a place of the former self-captures supermarkets are constructed. As on peninsula nobody is interested in the open market of the earth, self-captures have been thought up as a mode to stake out, to protect from encroachments of competitors those or other sites.

If the head of the Crimean government has seriously decided to finish self-captures, it is necessary to begin directly with a plateau Ai-Petri. How many noise has done in due time: the OMON storm took, bulldozers took down the cafes which have settled down here. However all remains still, and nearby reserved territory continue to choke up. And all because there money turns, which part, naturally, settles in pockets of officials of different levels.

On what the power for years of independence, so it on imprisonment of the so-called king of self-captures — the active worker of radical organization «Аvdet» Danijal Ametov has really dared. To police officers in 2007 along Balaklavskaya Street accusation in the organization of mass riots and drawing of physical injuries has been brought with Simferopol to it. In October of last year the court has sentenced «the king of self-captures» to four years of imprisonment.

At last — all about the same transparent market of the earth. Chairman of Sovmin Vasily Dzharty has acted with one initiative — to push in SR Ukraine the law on streamlining of ground relations in АRC, developed with the assistance of the Crimean government. SR of Ukraine has accepted it in the first reading, however in the second, on January, 13th, the project hasn’t collected enough votes and has been sent to completion.

With acceptance of this document local councils can dispose of the earths with the special status (reserved, silvicultural, recreational) only in coordination with autonomy Ministerial council. Will confirm however such norm uneasy. «There are deputies whom it is not favourable that this law operated. Among deputies including in Party of Regions, there are people who have interests at coast of Crimea. And they wouldn’t like, knowing my position, to agree with me, because to agree with me it will be impossible», — Vasily Dzharty has declared. Also has promised to finish «ground orgy» and in this question. The impression is sometimes made that Vasily Georgievich simply forgets, in what country lives.


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