First Graders on Crimean Tatar

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First Graders on Crimean Tatar

In new educational year 320 of first graders will sit down for school desks in classes with Crimean Tatar training language. About it writes a weekly journal «Avdet».

This year to schools and classes with crimean Tatar training language it has been given — in Bakhchisarai — 43, Simferopol — 40, Evpatoria — 34, and in Old Crimea — 33 children. In the Crimean villages this indicator above also fluctuates from 5 to 17 pupils-Crimean Tatars.

Unfortunately, realization of the right of training in a native language «is frequently complicated or a discrimination of a management of educational institutions, or absence of material possibilities, or, and this most terrible, a position of parents», — the newspaper complains.

«Don’t subject discrimination of children. Give the chance to them to study in a native language!», — calls the Crimean Tatars of «Avdet».

On materials: news agency «New Region — Crimea»


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