Historical Names Were Returned to Streets of Alushta

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Historical Names Were Returned to Streets of Alushta

Till the end of September in Alushta installation of new tablets with names of streets will be led. To already existing names the historical are added. The corresponding decision was accepted at city council session.

As writes a weekly journal of Big Alushta «Your newspaper!», deputies have supported «overcoming of negative consequences in relation to names of streets when by means of renamings tried to destroy memory of the people».
23 tablets with old names of streets will establish on houses hardly below modern names.
For example, the street of Tourists becomes also Jagmur Syrt, street Putsatova — Mustafa Osman, Volodarsky’s street — Verhnemechetnaya, street Komsomol — Baar-Dere, street Artillery — Bijuk-Lambatsky etc.
Let’s note, this initiative in City Council of Alushta was initiated by the head of Alushta regional organization Milli Firka, the deputy of the City Council Umer Chebanov.

On materials: news agency «New Region — Crimea»


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