How Will Personnel Questions Be Solved After Elections?

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How Will Personnel Questions Be Solved After Elections?

As it is known, Milli Medzhliss has refused to work in new structure of Council of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people at the President of Ukraine.

Personally I consider this decision erroneous and that is why. Earlier at L.Kuchma and V.Jushchenko Council of representatives consisted completely of members of Medzhlis, and all personnel questions were coordinated with Medzhlis under the aegis of Council of representatives since Medzhliss was and remains the organization informal for it is not registered anywhere. Nevertheless, purposes of officials of a high rank (and not only them) were carried out from among the Crimean Tatars in coordination with Medzhlis. Both Aziz Abdullaev, and Shevket Memetov, both Edem Dudakov, and Remzi Iljasov, and Abmedzhit Sulejmanov are Medzhlis creatures. With arrival of the new power the Crimean Tatars have lost one post of the minister (Raet Settarov) and one post of chairman Rescom (Shevket Asanov), Aziz Abdullaev has been lowered from a post of the first deputy of chairman Sovmin to the assistant, and Kadyr Osmanov has been ousted the chairman. It was the first call announcing the relation of the new power to the decision of Medzhlis about voting in the second tour of Prezident elections. But Medzhlis, apparently, hasn’t made conclusions. If in a tandem of Gritsenko-Plakida the leading role was played by Gritsenko with whom Medzhlis found common language at least in personnel questions in Konstantin-Dzharty tandem the leading role is played by Dzharty with whom at the Medzhlis from the very beginning of the relation have not developed. Instead of trying to find the reasonable compromise with the power for the sake of interests of the people, Medzhlis has again struck an attitude, having ignored a meeting with the President, motivating with unwillingness to sit down for one table with representatives of public organizations of the Crimean Tatars that has called V.Yanukovych’s negative position in relation to Medzhlis. If in power there was a desire to deprive a monopoly Medzhliss to represent the Crimean Tatar people Medzlis has very much helped it with it. There was a hope of Kurultaj, but also it has arrived, in my opinion, short-sighted and without having counted all consequences, has approved nonparticipation of representatives of the Majlis both in a meeting with the President, and in work of the reformatted Council of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people. The reasonable offer of Ali Hamzin to participate in Council at least within a year, has been rejected. However, Ilmi Umerov to work in Council nevertheless it is necessary. Not the secret that new structure of Council of representatives has been generated from giving of Dzharty. Also not the secret that it is close to the President, and Yanukovych listens to his opinion. Otherwise there would be no change of a format of a meeting which has been coordinated with head of the Office of the President Levochkin. Therefore to Medzhlis, having offered ambitions, it was necessary to find approaches to Dzharty to save influence on that part of the Crimean Tatars which support Medzhlis. Instead of this Mustafa Dzhemilev in the report of Kurultaj has afforded the incorrect statement to the Crimean prime minister. I am assured that it became known this very day to Dzharty, and we will reap the fruits still for a long time of the next tactlessness of the leader of Medzhlis.

Confrontation never leads up to the good. The compromise — only reasonable way of the decision of problems, including political. But Medzhlis, unfortunately, doesn’t want to go on this way. Illusions — not the best method of an objective estimation of the validity, especially when are present ambitions.

So, what we have now and what waits for us after elections on October, 31st?

Now the obvious tendency is traced from the Crimean power to restriction of a role of Medzhlis as political tool of influence on the Crimean Tatars that promoted by a policy of self-isolation of Medzhlis.

References of Medzhlis and Kurultaj to the President about purpose of a new meeting with Medzhlis and formation of Council of representatives by a former method are illusory, for the President hardly will go on revision of the decisions.

Elections on October, 31st this year, it appears, considerably will reduce representation of the Crimean Tatars in elective authorities, and at the expense of candidates from «Kurultaj-Ruh» that will be continuation of the same tendency of which it was a question above. Passage of Remzi Iljasov who goes the fourth number in the list «Kurultaj-Ruh», in the Supreme Rada of ARC is rather problematic. Even if he becomes the deputy, the chairman of the commission which he now heads, it hardly will select. However, Refat Chubarov going at first number can apply for this post. However, R.Iljasov is put forward by the candidate for mayors of Simferopol, but, frankly speaking, there shines nothing for him, as the Party of Regions will give this post to nobody. In executive power changes too approach. Aziz Abdullaev, Shevket Memetov and Edem Dudakov, most likely, will be replaced, probably, by other Crimean Tatars who are not concerning Medzhlis. As to rural representatives of «Kurultaj-Ruh» can pass in deputies on majority districts, but theywill be less, than now.

These are unfavourable forecasts at elections and the subsequent personnel purposes of officials from among the Crimean Tatars. Really the management of Medzhlis hasn’t provided succession of events when accepted and recommended to Kurultaj decision on refusal of cooperation with the power?

However, there is a hope that Medzhlis will listen to the offer of Ali Hamzin and will agree on participation in work of Council of representatives, but for this Kurultaj should gather repeatedly and reconsider the decision.

Ilmi ILYASOV, v. Holmovka (Zalankoi),

The Bakhchsarai area

«Peninsula» № 37 (393), on September, 24-30th 2010


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