In Uskjut a Monument to Victims of Alakatsky Events 1929-30 Has Been Opened

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In Uskjut a Monument to Victims of Alakatsky Events 1929-30 Has Been Opened

In village Uskjut SBC the monument to victims per 1929-30 in Alakatsky tragedy on December, 27th is officially opened.

The Alakatsky tragedy was marked by execution of 42 inhabitants to village Uskjut in 1929 in a valley of Alakat, operation was carried out by bodies of People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs.

The chairman of the Union of Crimean Tatar writers, the author of the book «Alakatsky tragedy — tragedy of the people» the Cope of Fazyl estimates the tragedy which has happened in Uskjut as skilfully planned provocation against inhabitants of the village, not wishing to go to collective farms and to lose the property, not wishing new Soviet usages breaking their national customs and religious traditions. «In a role of the provoker bodies used P.Popov to whom the prison threatened nobody. In exchange for the freedom it starts to co-operate with bodies of People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs and to be engaged in revealing of opponents of the Soviet power in Uskjut and the nearest villages. It has convinced local residents to prepare for performance against collectivisation and has made lists of inhabitants not wishing to go to collective farms», — is told in R.Fazyla’s book.

Besides, he writes that under these lists 800 persons later have been arrested, from them 250 inhabitants of village have taken away by sea in Ak-Jar (Sevastopol), and then in the Simferopol prison. 42 persons have been shot in a valley of Alakat, others have deprived of freedom for 10 years and banish to Siberia. Only three from alacatsky groups manage to run at first in the next villages, then to reach by sea Sukhumi, and therefrom — to Turkey where till now and there live their descendants.

The monument has been established thanks to inhabitants of village Uskjut, local Medzhlis, to a religious community and deputies of Privetnensky village council. Besides, the help has been rendered from outside such Crimean Tatars, as Edem Dudakov, Sadyh Tabah, Usein Chokal, Nariman Bekirov, etc.

Mufti of Moslems of Crimea Emirali Ablaev in the performance before monument opening has noticed that such events as Alakatsky tragedy proceed and today, «but they have changed the kind and names».

On materials: news agency QHA


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