Turkey is Responsible for All Fellow Citizens

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Turkey is Responsible for All Fellow Citizens

The senator on internal affairs of Berlin (analogue of the ground minister) Erhart Kerting has accused the authorities of Turkey that they interfere with integration of the citizens-migrants into a German society, informs Berliner Morgenpost.

«We experience complexities in the course of integration as the Turkish state feels politically responsible for a Turk, living in Germany, and interferes with their affairs», — has noted Kerting.

The Turkish authorities, according to Kertinga, still consider migrants living in Germany as citizens of the country. «So it is not necessary», — the senator has added.

Confirming to the words of Kerting has referred to events of two-year prescription: the prime minister of Turkey Redzhep Tajip Erdogan has immediately arrived to Germany after at a fire in an apartment house in Ludwigshafen nine natives of Turkey were lost. Speech, the premiere said then before 20 thousand of Turkish migrants in Cologne, according to the Berlin senator, also promoted integration process a little.

As has noted Kerting, in Berlin live 80 thousand Turk which were already integrated, becoming German citizens, however besides them is 140 thousand more natives of Turkey who keep Turkish passports.

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