It Will Be Too Little!

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It Will Be Too Little!

Medzhlis has expressed dissatisfaction with new structure of the government of an autonomy. It in interview to the Ukrainian service «Radio Freedom» was declared by the deputy of the Supreme body the first deputy of the chairman of Medzhlis Refat Chubarov:

«Representation of the Crimean Tatars in the government and a management of parliament of an autonomy — insufficient. From promoted workers of Medzhlis only Aziz Abdulaev remained the vice-premier, and Edem Dudakov — the head of Republican committee in affairs of nationalities and deported», — the politician has told.

Earlier it was expected, notices «RF» that Reskominform АRC will be headed by Shevket Memetov, however this post have given to one of groups of «regionals».

If the government was formed by a professionalism principle, there wer much more Crimean Tatars in it, has declared Chubarov to «RF».

On materials: «New Region — Crimea»


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