Navuz Is Recognised As a Part of a Cultural Heritage of all Mankind

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Navuz Is Recognised As a Part of a Cultural Heritage of all Mankind

The general Assembly of the United Nations recognised, 21st of March as the International Day of Navruz, «Azeri-press» reports. A holiday of Navruz mark on March, 21st, in day of a spring equinox, more than three hundred millions persons on the Balkans, in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, in the Central Asia and in the Near East.

The resolution of General Assembly of the United Nations on the International Day Navruz has been accepted at the initiative of permanent mission of Azerbaijan in the United Nations. According to the constant representative of Azerbaijan in United Nations Akshin Mehtiev, this year for the first time Navruz will be marked not as a holiday of one nation or culture, but becomes a part of a heritage of all mankind.

As A.Mehtiev has told, the holiday of Navruz already more than three thousand years is solemnly marked in extensive region from the Balkans to Central Asia and personifies such values as humanity, friendliness and tolerance, playing the important role in development of the international cooperation, passes According to the representative of Azerbaijan in the United Nations, establishment of the International Day of Navruz is equitable on March, 21st to interests of intercultural mutual understanding and dialogue, tolerance, good neighbourhood and solidarity.

Draught resolution considered and supplemented such member countries of the United Nations, as Albania, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey. In September, 2009 Navruz has been switched on in the representative list of a non-material cultural heritage of mankind UNESCO.


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