The Club of Crimean Tatar Women Has Been Founded in Simferopol

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The Club of Crimean Tatar Women Has Been Founded in Simferopol

In Crimea within the limits of the project «Female leadership in Crimea» with support of Global female fund (Global Fund For Women) the Club of Crimean Tatar women will be created. About it there was a speech during presentation of the project which has taken place on April, 28th in the Crimean ethnographic museum in Simferopol.

Member of organising committee of Club, journalist Zera Bekirova has told about women’s movement stories in Crimea and has noticed that group association of Crimean Tatar women in 1917 in the Commission on preparation of the organisation of female club became historical underlying reason for creation of the given organisation. The given Commission has begun work on the organisation of female club, but for today, about results of its work it is not known. There was only one photo with the image of committee-members on which underside its name has been written.

By words of Bekirova, Club of the Crimean Tatar women, called to unite creative Crimean Tatar women who actively participate in social, political and cultural spheres of a life of Crimea, Turkey, Romania, Russia, Uzbekistan, will co-operate with the similar female organisations functioning in different corners of the world.

Besides, journalist Zera Bekirova has told about position of check in of Crimean Tatar female club and has informed that at present, the charter of the given organisation is developed.

Also, during project presentation the Club constituent assembly has taken place. Into Club organising committee of Crimean Tatar women enter: the chairman of League of Crimean Tatar lawyers of «Initsium» Emine Avamileva, journalist Zera Bekirova, the dean of faculty of Crimean Tatar and Turkish philology of the Crimean engineering-pedagogical university, the candidate of pedagogical sciences Enise Abibullaeva, the teacher of chair Turkish and Crimean Tatar literatures of CEPU, Cand.Phil.Sci. Lenijara Selimova.

The inquiry: the Global female fund (Global Fund For Women) supports the female groups working outside of the USA, whose activity is directed on improvement of position of women and girls. The fund allocates grants for the general development of activity of female groups, and also on realisation of female projects.

On materials: news agency QHA


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