To Russia With Love

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To Russia With Love

The majority of Crimeans very positively concern to Russia. The data of opinion poll testifies, published by the expert on sociological researches Rasa Alisauskine on presentation in Simferopol on December, 14th.

According to sociological research, such opinion on the Russian Federation has developed at 70 % of inhabitants of an autonomy. Besides, 21 % of Crimeans have answered that their opinion on Russia is faster positive, 4 % — have not answered a question, 3 % — have more likely negative opinion and 2 % — very negative.

Let’s remind, company GFK Ukraine from November, 4th till December, 5th current year has conducted sociological research in which course 1148 inhabitants of Crimea at the age from 18 years have been interrogated and is more senior (a method of personal interview at the respondent of the house). Thus 32 % of citizens have been interrogated in a countryside, 15 % — in Simferopol, 13 % — in Sevastopol, 40 % — in other cities. The admissible error of results makes 2,9 %.

Research was led on request of the International republican institute, at financing of Agency of the USA on the international development (USAID).


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