Will Russia Leave Crimea?

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Will Russia Leave Crimea?

Russia, possibly, gradually will refuse basing of the Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol, at least, such moods reign, probably, now in the Kremlin. Such opinion was stated on Thursday at session of Moscow Political club «Rosbalt» by a member of social council at Minister of Defence Igor Korotchenko.

As the expert in sphere of MIC has noted, «Zurabov does not do such statements so easily», meaning the statement of the Russian ambassador in Ukraine that after 2042 the Black Sea fleet will be precisely deduced from Sevastopol. According to Korotchenko, for coming more than 30 years much can change «both in the politician, and in geopolitics, and in economy», but it is obvious that the decision «to leave the Crimea» is accepted.

According to the expert, at the first stage reformatting of the Black Sea fleet of Russia will be made — «it will be not ocean fleet». Protection of water area of Black sea and periodic demonstration of presence at Mediterranean sea that is visible under the decision to restore still the Soviet naval base in Syria will be its Main tasks maintenance of balance of forces in region. Thus oceanic problems to fleet it is impossible to put, as it is obvious that «in case of war passages — both Dardanelless, and Gibraltar — will be closed».

«The large surface military ships will be written off, and there will be in exchange multipurpose ships of new types and projects. Will build these ships of shipyard in St.-Petersburg», — considers Korotchenko. In his opinion, it is a question of replenishment of the Black Sea fleet the project 20 380 «for the closed seas», and also the rocket boats, capable to destroy the large surface ships of the opponent.

At the same time, the expert has expressed a regret because the Russian authorities tend today to deduce in due course fleet from Sevastopol. «We will neverb create that infrastructure which is in Crimea», — Korotchenko is assured.



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