Yanukovych Ignores Dzhemilev and His Medzhlis

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Yanukovych Ignores Dzhemilev and His Medzhlis

Head of Medzhlis and the People’s Deputy from fraction OUOS Mustafa Dzhemilev complains that the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych has forgotten about the Crimean Tatars. He has told about it in interview to «Commander-in-chief».

«Unfortunately, about the Crimean Tatars have again forgotten. You see, the new head of the Bakhchsarai area has not been appointed yet. After the decree about dismissal of last representative of the Crimean Tatars from posts of heads of regional administrations we had an arrangement on a meeting with the country leaders.

We were promised that on July, 10th we will have a meeting with Victor Yanukovych. Some days before this date I had a telephone conversation with Sergey Levochkin. He has confidently confirmed that on July, 10th there will be a meeting with the head of the country, and we can put all points over «і». But it has not taken place, nobody explained anything to us. There were no any calls apropos that will be further. Unfortunately for us, the situation with President Yushchenko repeats. As well as his predecessor, Yanukovych promises and tells one, and does in another way », — Dzhemilev has told.

At the same time he still hopes for a meeting with Yanukovych. «It is said that the President till July, 23rd will have a rest in Crimea, then will go to Kiev on affairs. After some days will return and like can hold business meetings. Therefore we hope that then all becomes clear», — Dzhemilev has noted.

He has reminded that at a meeting with him on May, 12th Yanukovych has promised that will arrive to Crimea, will travel settlements of the Crimean Tatars and will familiarise with a situation. «We, to tell the truth, also prepared for it. But, probably, the President has forgotten about the promise», — Dzhemilev has told.



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