About Four Thousand People Are in Self-Captures

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About Four Thousand People Are in Self-Captures

In Crimea in the list of participants of mass self-captures 3 740 persons are registered. It was declared by the head of Republican committee ARC of affairs of international relations and the deported citizens Eduard Dudakov, transfers information sector of Repcom АRC on ground resources.

According to sector, Eduard Dudakov has given such information at meeting of working group on coordination of activity of enforcement authorities and local governments on maintenance of the rights of the citizens living in Crimea, on the earth.

In particular, as Eduard Dudakov noticed, 2 947 persons apply for sites in Simferopol and the Simferopol area.

The head of department has specified that since 2007 these lists practically haven’t changed, and not all citizens give about themselves the information, being afraid of prosecutions. Thus annually to Crimea come back nearby 500 before deported families.

At the same time, according to Eduard Dudakov, without adoption of law about restoration of the rights deported it is impossible to solve many ground problems of repatriates.



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