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On October, 20th, 1944 — the Decision «About renaming of settlements, the rivers and the mountains which names are connected with the Tatar, Greek and German origin …» is accepted.

On October, 23rd, 1909 — in Simferopol the mosque Valide-Sheriff of the Crimean Horse regiment of Her Majesty Aleksandra Fedorovna (the author of the project V.A.Gekker) has been solemnly opened. In 30th years of the XX-th century the mosque has been taken down.

On October, 24th, 1909 — in Simferopol Ilja Selvinsky, talented poet, devoted many works to Crimea was born. «Crimea where I was born and grew up, was multinational country… As children collect marks or a herbarium so I collected the nations, dialects, types», — he has written in the evening of life.

On October, 24th, 1999 — in the Palace of culture of trade unions of Simferopol the solemn evening devoted to the 60 anniversary of the writer, the assistant of the editor of the newspaper «Jany dunja» Abljaziz Veliev has taken place.

On October, 25th, 1994 — in microdistrict Ismail-bei (Evpatoria) on a site № 8 on street E. Shemi-zade in a family of Mustafa Bengli there was a terrible tragedy. In a temporary barracks which the family temporarily removed, during a fire children — the son of five years and the three-year daughter were lost.

Have prepared: Aishe Emirova and Emir Adji


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