Crimea not to offer!

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Crimea not to offer!

Even in prestigious Yalta in season peak in sanatoria there were empty seats, Yana Sergeeva writes in today’s release of «New news».

In Ukraine, experts sum up the last summer tourist season. One name its results catastrophic, others adhere more to optimistic views. Because of crisis Ukrainians remained at home, or have tried to replace habitual beach rest by weekends on river bank.

The management of Crimea hoped that heightened interest to peninsula health resorts would show having a rest of the near abroad. After all as a result of crisis the rouble exchange rate in relation to grivna has increased that has reduced the price of rest for Russians in Crimea. But, as it was found out, Russians in local sanatoria did not hasten.

In May the first deputy of the minister of resorts and tourism of Autonomous republic Crimea Marina Slesareva assured: «Now there are preconditions to increase in inflow of Russians». It has explained that this year the Crimean rest on 10-15 % is cheaper than rest in Krasnodar territory. However, by estimations of tour operators, this year from Russia to Crimea on rest have arrived half less tourists.

Except discrepancy of parametres the price-quality one more reason of reduction of a tourist stream from Russia the Ukrainian, experts name the transport connection of the Russian cities with Crimea. For example, the ticket aboard the plane to Crimea costs twice more expensively, than to Caucasus. Besides the aircraft service is carried out by only one company which is, as a matter of fact, a monopolist of this direction. Thus railway tickets are also not cheap. Also it turns out that to the tourist from the Russian Federation is easier to depart to Turkey.

To support fighting spirit, in the peak of flow of tourists, the Crimean ministry of tourism has reported that local health resorts are filled on 87 % though it is 8 % less, than last summer. Experts only have smiled to the sounded figure , as actually boarding houses, sanatoria and bases of rest were not so full.

«The maximum of percent on 70», — is confirmed by the former director of one of Alushta’s boarding houses, not wished to name the name: «Even in prestigious Yalta where also a folding bed in sanatoria, and apartments in the best hotels are appreciated worth its weight in gold, in the beginning of July resort places have been filled on 72 %».

«To go for the rest to Crimea have solved because of crisis. Economy — scanty, and here the sanatorium to which we with the wife have got, has appeared simply awful! In the room there was no TV though when we bought the place, they swored that it would be, the refrigerator did not work. All furniture since the USSR . The meal in canteen was half-baked, the personnel rough, cleaning once in 10 days. To the sea, in a fast pace, it was necessary to go 20 minutes, though I was assured that the sanatorium is on the first line», — such here in one of health resorts of Alupki Konstantin Ivasjuk has shared impressions of present rest a men from Kiev. For this «pleasure» within two weeks he has paid one thousand US dollars, not including costs of tickets aboard the plane and journey to a taxi from and to Simferopol. And the couple of Nesterenko who have had a rest in private hotel impressions of Crimea absolutely others:» Novij Svet — very beautiful place. The sea, the nature is beautiful. We had a rest on all 100% «.

According to the vice-president of the Crimean association of tourist agencies Oleg Lobov, such estimation does not represent the facts, and recession in tourist branch of Crimea has made only 20 %. «And it the same as in Turkey or in Sochi», — he has declared. Thus mister Lobov recognises that those who really wished to develop tourist business on peninsula, even in crisis have made it. At the same time, according to the report of the ministry of resorts of an autonomy, decrease in a tourist stream in this season has made 15 %. True as usually, in the middle and as independent experts believe, real recession has reached 25 %. And tour operators consider that tourists to Crimea will be returned only by high quality of rest and the low prices.

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