Medjilis does not wish to change sewed (Ukraine) on soap (Russia)

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Medjilis does not wish to change sewed (Ukraine) on soap (Russia)

The aspiration of party «Milli Firka» to see positive sides in reorientation Crimean Tatar people to Russia causes nervous reaction in the mass-media close to Medjelis.

Especial irritation cause held up as an example oppositionists presence in Russia influential 20-million Muslim umma, an adoption of law about the subjected to repression people, development in Federations of national languages, possibility of the indigenous people to have the national autonomies.

All it, according to the author of article «Russia which is not exists», published by a weekly journal «Avdet», — no more than mere words.

The right of the indigenous people to creation of national autonomies is called in question by Mintimer Shaymiev’s phrase «When the Tatar population has started talking about independence, Russian, to say it mildly, did not applaud». Rehabilitation, considers «Avdet», has ended, for example, for vainah with a mass slaughter in the Suburb of Ingushetia in 1992 and two wars in the Chechen Republic. However, the disappearance of the hundreds thousand Russian people in the mid-nineties in the North Caucasus — «Avdet» does not mention .

Development of Muslim umma in the Russian Federation «Avdet» denies words of Orhan Dzhemalja, the editor of department of a policy of the newspaper «Version»:

«That in Russia, oppressions of Moslems take place, is a truth. However pursue not only them, but also Protestants…».

«Avdet» is not confused by the right of the people of the Russian Federation to have the state status of national languages of which in the conditions of nationalist Ukraine, Crimean Tatar people can dream only. It is not so important, because «in December, 2007 the federal law 309 in which the regional component has disappeared from an obligatory part of the educational standard has been passed. To include or not to include it in the curriculum, it under the new law, will be solved not by the authorities of the subject of Federation, but by each school individually».

Being based on similar arguments, the edition comes to a conclusion that «the Sober view to present Russia gives accurate understanding of that to Russia,in which possibilities to realise interests of Crimean Tatar people would be higher, than in Ukraine, but no, and hardly would be».

«So what for to change sewed on soap», — summarises «Avdet

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