Does Chubarov Hope on Mogilyov?

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Does Chubarov Hope on Mogilyov?

The first deputy of the head of Medzhlis Refat Chubarov hopes that the militia under the direction of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anatoly Mogilev appointed on March, 11th on a post will work professionally. R.Chubarov has stated such opinion to agency «Context-Crimea».

«This decision was accepted within the limits of the legislation of Ukraine. Rada has voted for that structure for which it has voted. Well and now, probably, each minister and as a whole the government will be estimated on concrete affairs which they will show», — he considers.

R.Chubarov also has added that if the militia will carry out political orders, «that all will return sooner or later into place». «I know that among professional police officers there were different expectations, different lines of thought to the head of this structure. The main thing that the militia worked professionally», — he has told.

The position of the high-ranking functionary of Medzhlis obviously disperses that its direct chief has told on public.

So, in interview to the newspaper «Event» from March, 5th, 2010 the head of Medzhlis Mustafa Dzhemilev has declared that his representation body intends to initiate excitation of criminal case concerning A.Mogilev’s «rubbish» for kindling international break.

It seems that cautious Refat Abdurahmanovich has decided to be reinsured, just in case separating from feeling the ground slipping away from under the feet, that is why also Mustafa Dzhemilev’ s head.



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