Mosque Khan Dzhami in Evpatoria Is Transfered to SMMC

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Mosque Khan Dzhami in Evpatoria Is Transfered to SMMC

On December, 28th, 2010 the Mosque will be officially transferred to sessions of Evpatoriya city council Khan Dzhami (Dzhuma Dzhami) to Spiritual Management of Moslems of Crimea.

About it became known after the project of the Decision of the City Council has been approved by members of the constant commissions of city council concerning regulations, deputy activity and ethics, public relations, international relations, the information policy, legality and protection of the rights of citizens and concerning architecture, town-planning, to land management and ground legal relationship. In the Explanatory note to this document it is said that the project of the decision of city council is developed in conformity with the Law of Ukraine «About a freedom of worship and the religious organizations» and Decrees of the President of Ukraine from 3/4/1992 №125 «About actions for returning to the religious organizations of cult property» and from 3/21/2002 №2792002 «About urgent actions for definitive overcoming of negative consequences of a totalitarian policy of the former USSR concerning religion and restoration of the broken rights of churches and the religious organizations». In conformity with this decision in the property to Spiritual steering of Moslems of Crimea «the cult structure of a mosque« Khan Dzhami «(«is transferred to Dzhuma Dzhami») by a total area of 517.6 sq.m. and a canopy-porch, the area of building of 23,3 sq.m. ». The comment« Crimean analyst ». The reference of Spiritual Management of Moslems of Crimea has been dated 27.10. 2010 and as we see, the Evpatoriya City Council with decision-making didn’t begin to pull. The only stipulation which is put before new proprietors is a protection of a monument of architecture in conformity with the requirement of Laws of Ukraine.


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