Village Sarajmen: a Cradle of Remarkable People

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Village Sarajmen: a Cradle of Remarkable People

Long since Crimean Tatar villages, cities were famous for talented poets, writers, brave defenders of the Native land, journalists, to polar explorers. Many people are known to all world Ismail bei Gasprinsky, for Ashyk Umer, Noman Chelebidzhihan, Bekir Choban-zade, Amethan Sultan, composers of Codex Kumaniks’а — latin-persidskiy-kumansk dictionary, the oldest lexicographic monument the Crimean Tatar language made in 1294-1295 in Solhat, nowadays Old Crimea) and others.

Unfortunately, after II world war and the tragedy which have followed in 1944 with the Crimean Tatar people many villages have disappeared from the face of the earth. For example, the village Hardzhibie of Kerch peninsula has become history of the people with a name of Usein Shamilj Tohtargazy, the known poet, the educator, the teacher who on personal means has constructed school and trained rural children in 1902-1913

The village Sarajmen was original capital of Lenin area. Here U.S.Tohtargazy worked as the teacher, led lessons on new system. In days of U.S.Tohtargazy’s activity in Sarajmen were about 500 inhabitants.

In village Sarajmen in 1893 the known poet, writer Mamut Nedim was born. The boy early orphaned — in two years. As the teenager shepherded sheep served at rural rich man Sulejman Bejtulla. Mamut has received an elementary education at rural school where Usein Shamil Tohtargazy taught. He as the best pupil in 1911 was sent for study to Turkey.

In 1917 Mamut Nedim — the student of faculty of economy of the Berlin university. Successfully goes into higher education, studies German and French languages. Soon comes back to Crimea. He was appointed the editor of the newspaper «Eni Djunja» — «the New world».

During 1928-1929 he was the commissioner of national education in Crimea. In a year he is directed to Moscow where he works as the editor-in-chief of the Central publishing house of the people of the USSR, conducts scientific and pedagogical work. In 1937 for dissertation protection on grammar of the Crimean Tatar language he comes to Simferopol. Here he was arrested in May, 26th, 1937. He has stayed in prison for 11 months. He have been accused for bourgeois counterrevolutionary activity, nationalism. But when these charges have not proved to be true, where declared the German, Turkish agent.

On April, 17th, 1938 Mamut Nedim have been sentenced to execution. This day other known sons of the Crimean Tatar people — colleague Ismail bei Gasprinsky, talented journalist Sabri Ajvazov, the writer Osmanli Turk Akchokrakly, teacher Abibula Odabash, poets Abdulla Ljatif-zade, Dzhafar Gafar, Iljas Tarhan, Jakub Musanif have been shot also. The Supreme court of the USSR has rehabilitated them in different years. Mamut Nedim is rehabilitated on June, 14th, 1958.

Fatma ogja Kadymullaeva is known as the highly skilled expert in area of Crimean Tatar language and the literature. She was born in village Sarajmen in 1909. Having ended the Crimean teacher’s college, worked as the director of experimental-demonstrative high school № 13 of Simferopol. It was the best school in Crimea with training of Crimean Tatar language. Graduates of school had the right to work as teachers of initial classes as received solid pedagogical preparation.

And in deportation Fatma odja continued the pedagogical business in settlement Ingichki of the Samarkand area of Uzbekistan. She was the remarkable woman, the kind soul the person, the talented teacher. To the author of these lines has had the luck to meet her in deportation. Among pupils of Fatma odja Kadymullaeva are a lot of teachers, doctors, journalists, art workers, actors.

The known bibliographer of creativity of the great thinker, the journalist, educator Ismaill Gasprinsky Seitgazy Gafarov too the native of village Sarajmen where he was born in 1909 In spite of the fact that its parents were semiliterate, they tried to give to children good formation. Brother Seitjakub and sister Ajshe became teachers, younger brother Jusuf has ended the Moscow university, and then institute of Plehanova.

Seitgazi has graduated from the Leningrad polytechnical institute and 28 years has worked the engineer-designer of Murmansk ship-building factory. In 1966 retires and moves to Leningrad. Here he studies creativity of Ismaila Gasprinsky. He devotes to research work 21 year of the life.

In 1987 after a serious illness the life of Seitgazi Gafarova has broken. He leaves all saved up material to the wife of brother Jusuf — known in Fergana (Uzbekistan) to teacher Revide Gafarova. She has given these masterpieces to Crimean Tatar magazine «Yildiz» — «Star». Thanks to her readers of magazine could study this fine work.

The Sarajmensky Village Soviet, place of Beshtarym is the native land of the known linguist, scientific, public figure Basyr Gafarov. He was named the encyclopaedia of time. In 50th years in Moscow he defends the dissertation, to his appropriate degree of Cand.Phil.Sci. Basyr Gafarov has devoted all life to drawing up of dictionaries, manuals, gathering of historical materials about Crimea and the Crimean Tatars, archeology, literatures of the Turkic people. And research it has transferred all rich library, proceedings in library of Gasprinsky in Simferopol.

Native of Sarajmen Zinabadin Keljam — the known teacher, the poet, the writer. His first products have started to be printed in 1928 Some years has worked at the Mariupol Greek-Tatar school, taught Crimean Tatar language. Then, prior to the beginning of war, co-operated in department of fiction of the Crimean state publishing house, aspired to make the national literature accessible to the Crimean Tatar public. Zinabadin Keljam was lost in 1942.

Many former seraimeics with a special obligation remember the teachers — Dzhepaj odja, Saba odja, Sajbe odja, Idae Kachykly, I Bajrashevsky and many others, gave to them strong, strong knowledge.

In village Sarajmen ordinary woman Halise Fetta kizi Batalov was born, but she has brought up 7 children, all of them have graduated, occupy fine posts. The senior grand daughter Tamila Narimanovana Batalov, in a marriage of Kadzhametova, is engaged in scientific activity, has protected the master’s thesis. Works in Crimean engineering-pedagogical university. The spirit of saraimeics live in her, always aspiring in knowledge.

Grandmother Sajbe, the grandfather I, mother Emine of Venera Shevketovny Batalova managing Bagerovsky district clinic, are saraimencs too.

Village Sarajmen is not present now on a card of Crimea, but memory of its great people is alive. Now from deportation places have returned and come back saraimencs. They, their children and grandsons live in the homeland, they with pride say that their roots and sources from village Sarajmen.



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