Turkey and Iran Have Refused from Dollar

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Turkey and Iran Have Refused from Dollar

Trade between Iran and Turkey will be carried out with use of national currencies of these two countries, the president of Iran Mahmud Ahmadinezhad at the press conference led in Teheran on termination of his visit to Istanbul where he took part in Standing committee session on economic and trading cooperation (COMCEC) the Organizations Islamic Conference (ОIC) has told.

According to Ahmadinezhad, Syria and Iraq will join this process also. «If we are accepted to this business together we can become owners of the big economy, shortly we become the developed countries», — the president of Iran has told, reports Anadolu.

The decision on trade carrying out between Iran and Turkey realisation of calculations in national currencies is accepted, he has told. «We also hope that Russia will join it also. It is necessary to prevent a damage put by dollar», — Ahmadinezhad has told.



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