Whom Does Muslim Cemetery in Tav-Ali Confuse?

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Whom Does Muslim Cemetery in Tav-Ali Confuse?

The Dobroe village council suggests to transfer a Muslim cemetery in village Tav-Ali (nowadays v. Krasnolesje) the Simferopol area. Such offer was stated by representatives of the Village Council on April, 14th in v. Tav-Ali during a descent of citizens. Representatives of village council gave reason for the offer that the Muslim cemetery located in territory v. Tav-Ali, ostensibly, is «self-capture», does not correspond to a general layout of village and a sanitary code.

Also, representatives of local authorities notice that have learnt about a Muslim cemetery in 2005, and same year the executive committee of the Village Council has made the decision under №65 from 14.04.05 on closing of the given Muslim cemetery. However, according to inhabitants of village, nobody lead up such information to them. In turn the authorities notice that on a cemetery the tablet with the information that the given cemetery is closed for new burial places has been established. Inhabitants — no tablets on a cemetery existing.

According to the secretary of the Village Council Aleksandra Emeljanova, the executive committee decision was accepted in 2005, and in 2008 the village general layout according to which, near to a Muslim cemetery the ground areas to citizens of Ukraine for building of individual habitation are allocated has been confirmed. As local residents consider, the main reason of such behaviour of local authorities consists in it. «They have sold the ground areas, but have not taken care that, according to a sanitary code, is necessary to leave 300 metres in radius from an operating cemetery, however, they have missed it. Now, it turns out, it is necessary to observe norms at the expense of cemetery carrying over. At cemetery closing, the sanitary zone will make 100 metres in radius. Earth tidbits have already distributed. You see, what here the nature magnificent, the earth very expensive… Here therefore also stirs a cemetery», — the imam of mosque Eki-Tash v. Tav-Ali of Diljaver Kadyev has underlined .

Besides, the imam has noticed that the cemetery has started to function since 1995 and under it Gennady Kaluzhin has shown a ground area site a head of Mamut-sultan village council. «In village council dissemble, saying to that they did not know that the cemetery exists. A Village Soviet head itself has personally shown the given ground area and has given building materials for a cemetery accomplishment, — the imam has told.

According to the imam, the Village Soviet executive committee has suggested to make first exhumation of remains buried, and them 18, and reburied on other place. «We have informed them that on Islamic canons, exhumation is forbidden also any reinterments will not be. After that, they have started to insist on that a cemetery to preserve and begin new burial places on other site where a sanitary code» allows, — has informed D.Kadyev.

The deputy of the Village Soviet Abibe Sidorova has noted: «the Given territory is Switzerland is one of few places in Crimea, where air so pure and healthy. A Village Soviet head, giving the ground area under a Muslim cemetery, has not thought that the given sites on the expiration of some time will bear special value».

Besides, A.Sidorova has informed that in territory of the Dobroe Village Soviet one cemetery is legalised only, and all the others operate out of the law, both Christian, and Muslim.

Local residents are convinced that this point in question has come up only because of «an economic gain which can be received or already received from these earths as sites already given and have begun civil work».

Local Moslems prior to the beginning of meeting with representatives of village council have visited a cemetery, have read prayer and have made decision not to concede on a step as this site has been given by a head of the Village Soviet and it «should provide all problems, the concerning earths of area« Green hills ». In a course of the descent, and it was not accepted the conciliatory proposal. The Muslim community has made decision not to transfer a cemetery and to spend on April, 17th cleaning on an accomplishment of a cemetery and its protection. The authorities insist on carrying over and threaten that in case of conciliatory proposal nonacceptance will meet Moslems in court.

As the deputy of the Village Soviet A.Sidorova has noted, for April, 19th the meeting on this point in question with participation of initiative group from among Moslems, deputies of the Village Soviet and a head of the Dobroe Village Soviet Gennady Kaluzhin is planned.

On materials: news agency QHA


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