Asan Bilyalov Became a National Star

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Asan Bilyalov Became a National Star

The winner of the third season of the project «National Star» of TV channel «Ukraine» became the teacher from Simferopol Asan Bilyalov. Performance in the ending in a duet with Zlata Ognevich has brought him a half-million UAH prize-winning.

As «Komsomol truth» informs, in the ending the duet Bilyalov and Ognevich competed to Tatyana Ftemova and Natalia Valevskaya’s duet.

Following the results of spectator voting for duet of Bilyalov-Ognevich has gained 53,94 %, and a duet Valevskaya-Ftemova — 46,06 %.

The newspaper reminds that the programe formula already the third season remains invariable: participants of the project — 10 duets which consist of stars of a platform and performers from the people, chosen by results of an all Ukraine casting.

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