Grach Has Told, What PR «Has Made» with Communists and Litvin

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Grach Has Told, What PR «Has Made» with Communists and Litvin

The Party of Regions promised CPU and People party to give on local elections on 15 % of mandates. It was declared by the deputy from CPU Leonid Grach, informs

«Before local elections the Party of Regions has promised to give to us and People party of Litvin on 15 % in local councils. 70 % planned to take away to themselves. Such arrangement took place», — the deputy has told.

As he said, the Communist Party management has agreed about it.

«And what have we received in a result? In 10 areas we haven’t been given any mandate. Litvin as, forgive for a word,» has been thrown «… I don’t speak about morally-ethical aspect such process. People should choose deputies, instead of politicians to divide among themselves armchairs», — Grach confirms.

According to the communist, results of elections were known even long before their carrying out.

«Regionals did elections under themselves. It is a pity that CPU has joined their scenario. A key role» customers » from Bankovaya have played. The party top executes their any whim», — the deputy has declared.



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