Ascension on Chatyrdag as a Symbol of Revival of Crimea and Its People

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Ascension on Chatyrdag as a Symbol of Revival of Crimea and Its People

On May, 22nd the traditional ascension on Chatyrdag of members of Milli Firka and its supporters has taken place. This time 96 representatives of regional organisations Milli Firka participated in a campaign from Alushty, Bakhchisarai, Karasubazar, Sevastopol, Simferopol, the Simferopol area and Yalta, and also representatives of diaspora from Uzbekistan and the USA.

At 9.30 from Angarsk pass on custom after dua (prayer) and short instructing the column under national and party flags has headed for a plateau. Soon enough participants of a campaign left to lake Karagol where the short halt has been declared.

Known national singer Rustem Memetov who has taken part in a campaign after a parting word to youth about not passing value for preservation of the nation of a native language has sung a fragment from a song of «Vatanym Kyrym» («My Native land — Crimea»).

The way to top has occupied the Eklizi-Burun about three hours. There participants of an ascension have set up over Crimea national colours of the Crimean Tatar people and banners of Milli Firka. After an hour halt before descent to Angarsk pass participants of an ascension poured the earths brought with self from places where they live, as a symbol of collecting of all earths Crimean the Yurta in the shadow of Chatyrdaga in one small group of a handful. Then having joined hands, have formed a live chain of Unity of the nation which all of us together will necessarily collect in native for all of us to Crimea.

The way downwards, to a real life has occupied no more than two hours. Before the end of descent it is appreciable the got a bit tired participants of a campaign in wood at a track under sounds of flashing «Hajtarma» and other national melodies group Milli Firka of the item Peace the Simferopol area met with an entertainment. This initiative was shown by the head of Mirnovsky organisation Milli Firka, the deputy of the Village Soviet Nedim Velilaev.

The annual ascension on Chatyrdag on the first Saturday after May, 18th becomes kind tradition and is more and more more popular among compatriots. Otherwise also cannot be! After all Chatyrdag is our House and our Center, our Patron and our Defender for ever and ever while there is a life on the earth! Time will come and all of us are correct sons and daughters of Crimea — we will necessarily gather under the reliable arch of Chatyrdag, under the pure turquoise sky of Crimean Yurt!

Press-service Milli Firka


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