Bekir Umerov Appeals To the Public

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Bekir Umerov Appeals To the Public

15th day in Simferopol proceeds hunger-strike in the past of the known active worker of national movement, nowadays businessman Bekir Umerov. Throughout two weeks, since April, 6th till today Bekir Umerov who is in the office along the street Sevastopol 321а, drinks only water, refuses flatly meal and intends to hold hunger-strike to the last.

According to the statement of Bekira Umerov if hunger-strike proceeds in the same mode to a condition of a physical exhaustion still has only one week.

According to Bekir Umerov, there are two reasons of the announcement of hunger-strike. The first and the most important — a problem of revival of the native language, the second — a ground lawlessness in Crimea. Thus, he has noticed that the public of Simferopol and Crimea is extremely indifferent concerns his certificate of the protest. Nobody supports the person who from the very beginning was in national movement and now from a hopelessness and indignation has dared at such desperate step.

«People believe that I am a hunger-strike because of the earth, however it is not the most important thing. Anybody does nothing in a question of revival of a native language, national traditions, it is necessary nothing for anybody. I do not require money if it is necessary take away a land», — he has told.

As already informed news agency QHA, the inhabitant of Simferopol Bekir Umerov driven to despair by illegal actions of city officials, has started to hold the hunger-strike declared it on April, 6th of current year. Preventing by city officials to granting to him of the ground area for economic activities conducting became the reason of so radical actions. The matter is that all documentation on ground area operation to the address: Simferopol, street Sevastopol, 321а, since 2007, there has passed the coordination in all demanded instances, however the present main architect Simferopol Irina Nemchenko, referring to the expiration of periods of validity of some documents and on other far-fetched facts, interferes with allocation of a site and conducting on him to lawful economic activities.

«Nemchenko demands from me section performance« an influence Estimation on environment »a certain gas boiler-house. Also, demands granting of specifications on Open Society» Krimgaz «. It is interesting, as it looks under« the version of Nemchenko »on object with electric heating at a gasification total absence…», — has told Bekir Umerov and has added: «She stupidly does not notice written coordination available in the project with proprietors of the engineering networks adjoining to object. These coordination are in writing given in the certificate of a choice and inspection of the given ground area. Further, they are repeatedly in writing confirmed in the outline sketch, the equipment design and the project of a land uptake».

«Because of extreme corruption, a condition for the coordination your employees of the project, or refusal in his coordination are not legislative norms, and their personal benefit and national hostility… In protest of you of lawlessness I go on hunger strike since April, 6th, 2010», — have written Bekir Umerov in the reference to Gennady Babenko which text has QHA.

On materials: news agency QHA


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