Crimean Tatar Movement: New Tendencies

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Crimean Tatar Movement: New Tendencies

Internal processes in Crimean Tatar national movement continue to develop under the influence of amplifying centrifugal tendencies

Recently executive structures of Crimean Tatar movements became more similar to the closed club on interests, than on mechanisms with the help of which Crimean Tatar leaders realise actual problems of national movement. Such impression develops, including and consequently that among public Crimean Tatar politicians the unknown calm reigns. Quite probably that this «tranquility» is called by the general political situation to the country and not come true hopes of a management of Medzhlis staking on one of candidates in Presidents of Ukraine. Some experts consider that now at a Medzhlis’ mamagement level miscalculates possible tactics of activity with the new President.

But on this background public activity of representatives of oppositional to Medzhlis Crimean Tatar structures has increased. Judging by a tonality of statements of oppositionists, they have chosen very successful moment to show real level of influence of Medzhlis on minds of compatriots. For example, «Milli Firka» has declared that the most part of voters from among the Crimean Tatars has ignored appeals of Medzhlis to vote for Yulia Timoshenko. According to this structure, from 193 thousand voters — the Crimean Tatars have voted less than 45 %, for Timoshenko and 44,2 % did not vote at all. According to opposition, such low activity of Crimean Tatar voters testifies to the further falling of image and positions of Medzhlis. To tell the truth, «Milli Firka» has not told anything new. That fact that Medzhlis has really lost recently many levers of influence on internal processes in national movement is not a secret. Moreover, the management of central Medzhlis hardly seriously would affect a choice of the compatriots among which J.Timoshenko’s rating is not so high. Everybody know that the prime minister ignored picket of the Crimean Tatars at a building of the Ministry, their ground problems demanding the decision, with her was a reduction of budgetary financing of the program of arrangement of repatriates.

The statement of the leader «Russian community of Crimea» of Sergey Tsekov that Russian of Crimea should search the consent with Crimean Tatar national political forces should become some kind of a signal for Medzhlis. The matter is that such initiatives can really call support among oppositional to Medzhlis structures. Though in practice no essential cooperation between Prorussian and the Crimean Tatar organisations, possibly, will occur. Most likely, business will be limited to separate public actions and joint statements. Anyhow, even such joint activity can call strong irritation of Medzhlis which is afraid of a serious ideological list in moods of compatriots. And these fears have real soils under themselves. For today of a problem of preservation of national identity are perceived by Medzhlis as the most actual. Any attempts of planting among the Crimean Tatars of the Prorussian moods are regarded «orthodox» by Crimean Tatar leaders as threat spent by Medzhlis almost two decades to the politician of «national rallying». Therefore if oppositional groups in national movement begin drift towards realisation (in any form) the idea stated by Sergey Tsekov Medzhlis will resolutely interfere with it.

Taking into account it is possible to predict that in immediate prospects the situation in Crimean Tatar national movement will develop under the influence of attempts of Medzhlis to correct tactics of activity taking into account new political realities and to lower activity Crimean Tatar oppositional organisations.



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