Decisions Of the European Court Is Not the Decree For Ukraine?

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Decisions Of the European Court Is Not the Decree For Ukraine?

Ukraine in full or in part has not executed 519 of 623 decisions of the European court under the human rights, taken out against Ukraine. It was declared by vice-premier Vladimir Sivkovich, his press-service informs.

As he said, the quantity of outstanding judgements of the European court grows every year that does not answer the Constitution and the legislation of Ukraine.

In this connection Sivkovich has charged to the Ministry of Justice together with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministry of Internal Affairs) and State department concerning execution of punishments to accept effective measures for the permission of these problems.

Term on commission performance will end on April, 27th current year. According to Sivkovich, in case of need acceptances of the governmental decision the above-stated bodies should submit the co-ordinated offers on cabinet consideration.

Let’s remind, in 2009 the European court under human rights has urged Ukraine to observe existing usages and to finish legal reform within a year. In a judgement it is noticed that as a result of reform citizens of the country should receive guarantees of execution of judgements and the expanded possibilities to address with complaints in various instances.

Earlier European court under human rights repeatedly made decisions, obliging the Ukrainian government to pay to indemnification to applicants. To consideration 1400 claims of the Ukrainian citizens which could not achieve justice in the country have been accepted. The decisions accepted by local courts, quite often remain not executed. The court in Strasbourg also recognised that possibilities of citizens to address with complaints in supervising bodies are still limited.


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