Khizb-ut-Takhrir tries to take a mosque in Ak-Mechet

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Khizb-ut-Takhrir tries to take a mosque in Ak-Mechet

On Friday prayer service in Simferopol mosque of Ak-Mechet region of August 21, there was a dispute between the representatives of Spiritual Supremacy of Crimean moslems (SSCM) and organization of Khizb-ut-Takhrir. As Aider Ismailov — vice-chairman of SSCM, reported, the reason of dispute was the setting of new imam.

Khizb-ut-Takhrir renounce to accept new imam, appointed by Muftis Soviet. They recognise Server Izetdinov as imam. Server Izetdinov has been discharged by decision of SSCM for connection with Khizb-ut-Takhrir of September 2007.After interdicting, SSCM has appointed new imam from Turkey, but Khizb-ut-Takhrir get rid of new imam, so Server Izetdinov already reads khutbu (sermon on Friday prayer service) whole year- reported A. Ismailov. On information of vice-chairman of Muftis Soviet, as a result of dispute, parishioners accomplished namaz separetely — at first the representatives Khizb-ut-Takhrir, who accomplished namaz with Server Izetdinov. They left a mosque after two obligitary rekyat (farz). Then the other part of parishioners accomplished namaz with Dzemil Tash, who was appointed as a new imam by SSCM.

A. Ismailov, commenting the actions of Khizb-ut-Takhrir representatives, marked that this actions are dictated by personal interests «A man comes in mosque for worship, so he shouldn’t be stick in personality of imam. The main thing is the coincidence of actions and words with the canons of Islam.

But people just cling to personalities: «We need this person… We don’t need that person…», its already a policy- said mufti assistance . Commenting the actions of the first Ramazan day events, denied their guilt in provocation of dispute.» Khizb-ut-Takhrir always are guilty in such cases. Here is one person — Server Ametov who straitly submits to Muftis Soviet. This person let to make a group of dance at a mosque. The age of kids who attent this group far not 5-6 years. Also the groups are mixed. Does Islam assume it? Its violation of muslems rights! Belivers are tired of such actions of SSCM.»- said one of participant of dispute, whising to remain unknown.

The majority of inhabitants of the area are Crimean tatars.Commenting this dispute they mansioned that such events is a dissidence, that on hand to those forces who behave unfriendly to the Crimean tatars.

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