Letter to Barack Obama from the Crimean Tatars

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Letter to Barack Obama from the Crimean Tatars

To the President of the United States of America 
Barack Obama 


Dear m-r President of the United States of America!


The committee on the claim for compensation of the veterans of the National movement of the Crimean Tatar people struggling for equality of rights and justice kindly asks you to accept assurances of our most sincere and profound respect for you personally and for the American people.

Tymur DagdzhyBefore reading our letter look, please, at the map and find there the Black sea. There you will see the Crimean peninsula. It is our home, it is our motherland. It is the most splendid corner of the world. At all times it excited envy of different nations and the desire to get it.

The tragedy of Crimean Tatars is known to the global community. In 1944 by the order of Stalin the indigenous people was sent into exile without exception to the steppes of Central Asia and to Ural. Almost half of the people died. It was genocide. We lost our native land where we have been formed as a people, no trial no record we were deprived of our own houses, our belongings and other public and national property. Our autonomy was liquidated and we lost our statehood.

For many years there was a struggle going on for returning to the motherland. Hundreds of people went to prison and concentration camps. One generation changed another. And only when M. Gorbachev took over the government, we were allowed to return to the motherland.

The artificial collaboration of the Crimean Tatars during the Second World War served as an excuse for extradition. But this is bluff, slander invented for implementing this inhuman action. The archive documents and the memories of the witnesses of the events of the war time prove that this is the country of the Unites States of America to be blamed for that. It is your country that in the course of the war with the Fascist Germany taking advantage of the difficult situation of the Soviet Union made Stalin to take the decision to commit ethnic cleansing.

We do not exculpate in any way Stalin for the tragedy of our people but personally Roosevelt who guided your country then and his circle bear the same responsibility for the genocide of the Crimean Tatar people and for all the losses we had due to this tragedy.

And it started long time ago. When at the beginning of the twenties there was a famine in the Crimea, here was a Jewish charity organization Joint established in Simferopol that helped people suffering from hunger. Later on one of the heads of this organization Rosen brought a note for the Soviet Union government that contained «a profitable project for USSR on setting up Jewish autonomy on the territory of the Soviet Union». It was envisaged that its territory would include Odessa, Kherson, the northern part of the Crimea, the coast of the Black sea to Abkhazia and Sochi. They planned to move to this region 500 thousand Jews from western parts of Ukraine and Belorussia for the beginning.

Rosen passed the note to the Politburo of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks. In the course of discussions over the project by soviet politicians the territory of the Crimea has gradually become the envisaged region for Jewish autonomy. That is how «the Crimean project» appeared.

The discussion of it was included in the agenda of the day of the Jewish Congress of America in Philadelphia. The representatives of two hundred richest people of America made an appeal to the delegates of the Congress (there were five thousand of them). The future presidents of the USA H. Hoover and F. Roosevelt present at the opening of the Congress welcomed review of «the Crimean project» and the Chairman of the Committee on land regulation of Jews in USSR declared: in exchange for loans the Jews will colonize in USSR the territory of the Crimea. The Jews also promised to settle the relations of USA and USSR which also motivated the government of USSR to sign the agreement. That is how there was a project born that was named «Crimean California».

For this program «Agro-Joint» has provided a loan to the Soviet Union in the amount of twenty million dollars and the Central Executive Committee of RSFSR pledged as security against the loan 37 thousand ha of the Crimean land and issued bonds in the amount of the loan with interest distributed by «Agro-Joint» in USA. The credit and the interest on the credit payment period was envisaged to terminate in 1954.

By 1937 more than 150 thousand of Jews immigrated to the Crimea, more than 250 settlements have been established and enlarged. But soon the Soviet government turned against this idea of «new Israel» in the Black Sea region. The matter is that the government of the Crimean Autonomous Republic objected strongly against this project as they decided to resettle from Romania the Crimean Tatars escaping there after invasion to the Crimea of the Russian army. Stalin shot and sent to concentration camps the whole national government of the Autonomous Republic objecting to this project.

In order not to spread racial hatred Stalin has closed his project. But he didn’t return the money. The Americans had the land bills. They planned to start returning money from 1945.

The war with Fascist Germany broke out. The USA according to the land lease agreement rendered considerable help to the USSR that started to decrease over the years. Stalin from 1941 urges the allies to open second front counting on that Germany would dismiss 40 divisions from the Eastern front. But the resolution of this problem was delayed and it was solved only at the Tehran Conference in the end of 1943 due to solid guarantees given by Stalin to provide the Crimea for creating there «Crimean California».

According to the recollections of the former vice-president of Yugoslavia Milovan Djilas, after returning from the Tehran Conference Stalin in his presence told to Josip Broz Tito abut his conversation with one of the biggest holders of «Crimean California» bills Franklin Roosevelt. Threatening to stop deliveries under land lease agreement and to renounce to land allied forces in France, the President of the USA demanded renewal of the project «Crimean California». «We can not open second front until you take decision on the Crimea», Djilas cites. It remains only to be seen for how long the war would be dragged on and how the losses of the Red Army would increase.

America wanted «Crimean California» and Stalin ordered to find a pretext and prepare materials for justification of the expulsion without exception of all Crimean Tatars, Greeks, Armenians and Bulgarians.

Before liberation of the Crimea from the fascist invaders there had to be a strong evidence base invented and created on collaboration of not only Crimean Tatars but also of representatives of other nations to be expulsed. In the thirties millions of people died in Stalin camps accused of spying and betrayal of the motherland. So People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) had a huge experience in inventing false accusation and Beria fulfilled successfully this task.

On May 18, 1944 the Crimean Tatars were expulsed and after them Greeks, Armenians, Bulgarians. All were accused wholesale of treachery. The main obstacle for «Crimean California» was liquidated. In 9 days, when the Crimea became completely inhabited, the second front has finally opened.

Already in June 1944 the American ambassador Avarell Harriman met Stalin and Molotov. The Americans offered to invest 10 bln dollars in the economy of the Crimea for establishment of the republic there so that the Jews from the whole world were able to move there. And in February 1945 during Yalta Conference Roosevelt had the opportunity to see inhabited cities and villages of the Crimea. He assured himself that Stalin had kept his promise and it was possible to create «new Israel».

But the history ordered otherwise: in April 1945 Roosevelt died. But the Americans didn’t give up the plan of implementing «the Crimean project». George Marshall, the military adviser of the presidents F. Roosevelt and H. Truman participating in important international conferences in Washington, Casablanca, Malta, Yalta and Potsdam, from 1947 — State Secretary of USA, in one of the letters to A. Harriman, American manufacturer, statesman and diplomat, wrote the following:

«Dear Averell!

The president Truman approves your plans. He added only the following. The coexistence on the territory of the Crimea of the soviet Black sea navy base and Jewish Republic opened for free entry of the Jews from the whole world seems to be disconformity fraught with unpredictable effects. This fact from the very beginning raised his doubts concerning reality of «the Crimean project». The Crimea should become demilitarized zone. Let Stalin know that he should be ready for moving the navy from Sevastopol»…

But Stalin didn’t find common language with Truman. He obviously understood that Jewish autonomy is only a screen for the main goal of the USA. They want Sevastopol for locating there their navy and to turn the Crimea into a military base.

Later the Jews -initiators of the project «Crimean California» were accused of spying and shot.

In order to pay off the debts morally Stalin from 1946 through Bulgaria started to deliver to Israeli rebels in Palestine soviet weapon. More than that, Stalin has become one of the initiators of establishment of the state of Israel, and on May 15, 1948 USSR was the first state in the world to recognize the independence of this state. In other words the issue of «the Crimean Israel» was sort of resolved itself.

On March 05, 1953 Stalin died but the bills of «Agro-Joint» the holders of which were besides Roosevelt and his wife, other richest people of America including well-known Hoover, Rockefeller, Marshall, MacArthur, still hang like a sword of Damocles over the soviet government.


Khrushchev has found «the way out» of the situation. As the government of RSFSR obtained credit, he decided to exclude the Crimean oblast from the composition of the Russian Federation and «presented» it to the fraternal Ukraine that became independent in 1991. And returning to the Crimea of the Crimean Tatars expulsed under the pressure of USA, turned for our people into a new tragedy. So it is Ukraine now that has to face this time bomb planted by Americans at the Tehran Conference.

Ukraine hasn’t managed to solve the problems of the people returning to the motherland due to weak economy during more than twenty years. A lot of those people do not have housing accommodations and perch in unfinished houses for two or three families. In the villages where they constructed their houses there are no elementary conditions for normal life. European countries and Canada try to help to our people, but obviously this help is not enough. At the same time the United States of America the fault of which in the destiny of our people is big beyond measure, remain uninvolved.

The war with fascist Germany brought a lot of grief to the humanity. 88 thousand and it is almost the half of the Crimean Tatars expulsed died in hot steppes of the Central Asia and in Ural. Proper respect should be given to Germans, they admitted their fault, repented and compensate in full to the Jewish people the material and moral loss they caused.

We hope that the United States of America will not deny obvious facts, search for excuses and even more so renovate the project «The Crimean California».

The history remembers a lot of cases when an honest and decent politician taking over the government in his country apologizes for the sins of his predecessors. He does everything possible in order not to let these sins become a black spot on his people. Germany serves as an example of this. We would like very much that USA like Germany would admit honestly its fault and repent for the people died in exile, and compensate all material and moral losses.


Approved at the conference of the Committee on the claim for compensation of the veterans of the National movement of the Crimean Tatar people

Chairman Tymur Dagdzhy

Secretary Rustem Sulejmanov




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