Pridnestrovye in Exchange for Crimea

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Pridnestrovye in Exchange for Crimea

Preservation of the status quo round Dnestr region — the most probable scenario on the foreseeable future of unrecognized republic.

Such forecast was been published by the Ukrainian political scientist Vitaly Kulik in the article published in the newspaper «Mirror of week».

«Preservation of not settled conflict for the uncertain period of time is evaluated as one of the most real scenarios of development of a situation in region… Certainly, the existing status quo, the lower chances of the resolution of conflict on the basis of preservation of territorial integrity of Republic Moldova» is long saved, — the Ukrainian expert considers.

At the same time, Kulik pays attention that «Dnestr region already on the given stage not in a condition to ensure more than third of requirements (two third of Dnestr budget financial aid of the Russian Federation, including de facto free for Dnestr region constitutes the Russian gas)».

The political scientist also notices that the European Union also cannot realise effective programs in region yet.

«The extremely perspective inherently idea of financing by the western structures of some infrastructural projects (in sphere of medicine, formation, a construction of roads, etc.) in territory of Moldova within the limits of strengthening of measures of trust inter parties the conflict, unfortunately, is discredited by actions of the separate corrupted officers responsible for coordination of the European projects. Hearings in the order circulating in mass-media, even the special deputy of EU for Moldova Kalman Mizhej has been repeatedly noticed in attempts to lobby economic interests of those or other political forces or commercial enterprises in region», — writes Kulik.

In his opinion, owing to the economic reasons «real independence of Dnestr region is impossible».

«In these conditions the region will be forced to petition for joining to one of the states-guarantors which Russia and Ukraine are. The Russian management already repeatedly declared that« the second Kaliningrad »is not necessary to it, therefore has accurately enough designated that repetition of the Abkhazian or Osset scenario for Dnestr region is almost impossible. As some Russian experts sometimes joke: anywhere you in Ukraine it will not get to, pleasant to you or not, and will collect to itself Dnestr region. Than the similar»acquisition»can turn back for Ukraine, the mentioned experts prefer to keep mum. Consequences of such step can entail loss of the same Crimea by Ukraine, strengthening of separative tendencies in a number of other regions of our country. It also seriously and for a long time spoilt relations with Moldova, the big scandal in dialogue with European union, etc. for Whom all it is necessary — a question from a series rhetorical. Naturally, such development of a situation is considered purely hypothetically, however completely to exclude this possibility also it is not necessary », — briefs Kulik.

News agency «New Region — Kiev»


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